Although it’s still technically winter, the months of warmer weather are drawing closer and closer. That means people are looking forward to all things spring. Between the lighter jackets, longer days, sunshine and, of course, flowers, our favorite spring things can’t come soon enough. After all, it is the top blooming season for many florals!

So, what could be better for helping you look forward to the upcoming season than perusing the gorgeous flower designs and arrangements Instagram has to offer? There are tons of accounts from florists, farms and interior designers that are bursting with lovely blooms on the social media app. Here’s a list of 10 of the most amazing floral designers you can follow on Instagram:

    1. @teleflora
      Teleflora’s Instagram is full of featured bouquets, pretty arrangements and vivid flowers, making it one of the best accounts for helping you prepare for springtime! All of Teleflora’s arrangements are hand-delivered from local florists, so they look just as beautiful in person as they do in pictures.
  1. @amy_merrick
    Amy Merrick is a New York-based floral designer who’s also a writer and frequent traveler. On her Instagram, you’ll find many pictures of her travels and the beautiful flowers and other design inspiration she sees along the way.
  2. @baremtnfarm
    Bare Mtn Farm is a small family-run flower farm in Oregon with an absolutely gorgeous Instagram account. Along with getting interesting tidbits about farming and living on a farm, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful flower shots of their vibrant homegrown blooms.
  3. @saipua
    ​A flower and soap shop from Brooklyn, New York, SAIPUA sells flowers and arrangements of all kinds, but they specialize in designing florals for weddings. Their Instagram snapshots show off cool flower designs from weddings and other events they’ve been a part of, and their funny captions make the account even more of a must-follow.
  4. @florastarkey
    Flora Starkey hails from London, and she’s designed arrangements for such clients as Alexander McQueen and Frieze London. Follow Starkey for her stunning Victorian-inspired arrangements along with breathtaking photos of London and the English countryside.
  5. @pbfarm
    ​The Instagram account of Pierpont Blossom Farm, a flower farm in the Hamptons, is almost solely dedicated to beautiful pictures of their fresh-cut flower arrangements. Full of photos of a variety of florals and arrangements, Pierpont is the perfect account to follow to get ready for spring.
  6. @studiochoo
    ​The florists at San Francisco-based Studio Choo have their work cut out for them – they sell flowers, design wedding arrangements and even teach classes at their shop. The funky and cool arrangements you’ll find on Studio Choo’s Instagram are anything but ordinary, and you’ll also find other fun pictures that show a glimpse of their lives.
  7. @ruby_marylennox
    Ruby is the creator of Berlin-based flower shop Mary Lennox. Everything from flowers to leaves to berries and more are used in her fresh-cut arrangements, which can be found on her Instagram. Follow the page for some seriously artistic shots of her flower designs and favorite blooms.
  8. @fleurinc
    ​The Chicago-based flower shop Fleur Inc. specializes in interesting one-of-a-kind arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re known for their wedding designs, many of which can be found on their Instagram. You’ll also find pictures of the cool jewelry they sell in their store, and even one or two snapshots of their adorable “shop kitty.”
  9. @putnamflowers
    ​Putnam and Putnam is a floral designer based in New York City with an Instagram you won’t want to miss. Follow them for their funky pictures of flower arrangements interspersed with cool photos of New York architecture and other fun snapshots of life as a floral designer.