It’s not fair – your significant other always assumes that you have no earthly idea what it takes to be romantic. Here’s your chance to prove yourself. Although it’s a classic strategy in romantic courtships, sending flowers never gets old.

Not convinced? Here are 12 reasons flowers are always a great idea:

1. They Always Fit
This rule of thumb has a couple of different meanings. First of all, flowers are small enough that, physically, the can fit virtually anywhere from his desk in the office to her bedside table at home. Besides that, flowers are a good fit for any occasion. You can send flowers to say “I love you” or “Thinking of you.” Even if you can’t come up with a reason, you can get away with sending flowers to your significant other “just because.”

2. They Have Zero Calories
If, for some reason, your significant other has recently decided to go on a diet, send flowers with a funny message to keep things light. Sending flowers instead of chocolates or another snack item (that undoubtedly comes with more than zero calories) can help show your support. 

3. They Look Good Everywhere
Flowers instantly brighten up any room. Let the recipient choose where he or she wants to put them, but rest assured knowing there will be plenty of options. A vase of flowers will make the perfect addition to a nightstand, bathroom or even a kitchen table.

4. They Show You Care
Flowers are a classic way to remind your sweetheart that you care. No one will be disappointed by receiving flowers from an admirer. Not only does it demonstrate that your significant other was on your mind, but it also shows that you care enough about his or her happiness to make the effort to pick out and send a beautiful bouquet.

5. They Show You Remembered
Trust that you’ll score major brownie points for sending flowers on significant days. Whether it’s an anniversary that you two share or his or her first day at a new job, sending flowers is a great way to demonstrate you’re paying attention to what’s going on in your loved one’s life.

6. They Make Your Beloved Smile
Whether you send them to work or home, you know that you’re going to make your significant other smile at least once the day the flowers are delivered. Look into Teleflora’s Sunny Smiles and be sure you’ll earn a grin.

7. They Help You Say ‘Sorry’
No relationship is perfect. You guys are going to have little arguments every now and again. Instead of letting the bad mood hang in the air, send flowers to help you apologize for your role in the fight. Even if it wasn’t your fault, sending flowers signifies that you’re willing to work through the disagreement.

8. They Go Well With Birthday Cakes
Send flowers on your significant other’s birthday! They don’t have to be the only gift you give, but flowers will definitely get you off on the right foot. Check out Teleflora’s Rainbow Present for a gift-shaped floral arrangement.

9. They’ll Make His or Her Day at Work
It’s only natural for people to get bored with the monotonous schedule of a regular work week. Spice things up and send flowers to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s office. Not only will he or she love them, but you may get some of the co-workers to like you before you even meet them. It’s probably not a bad idea to check with your significant other first to make sure it’s appropriate to send flowers to his or her workplace.

10. They Can Act as a Stand-In
If you have to travel out of town for work, send your sweetie flowers to make up for the distance. 

11. They’re Cupid’s Favorite Plants
Need an idea for Valentine’s Day? Choose a floral arrangement or bouquet from Teleflora to go with a nice box of chocolates or teddy bear, and you’ll be good to go.

12. They Smell Nice
Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh flowers? 

Article Name
12 Reasons You Can Never Go Wrong by Sending Flowers
Although it's a classic strategy in romantic courtships, sending flowers never gets old. 12 reasons flowers are always a great idea.