Flowers in a Box – just say no!

Flowers in a Box – just say no!

Before you buy flowers online, make sure they are not being shipped in a box

Before you buy flowers online, make sure that you are not in fact ordering a cardboard-wrapped grower’s bunch delivered in a box – a gift that requires your loved one to hunt around for a vase and a water supply. She then has to follow the instructions on how to clean, condition, recut and arrange the flowers. That thoughtful gift is now starting to look like a lot of work for the recipient! Plus, the final outcome is not going to look anything close to a florist designed bouquet, unless of course, you sent the box of flowers to Martha Stewart!

These boxes are shipped via FedEx, UPS and DHL and may be left at the front door despite February’s below-freezing temperatures in many parts of the US and Canada. Coming home to a soggy box left on the doorstep just does not have the same impact as her opening the door to be greeted by a local florist with a gorgeous bouquet in hand.

Flowers drop-shipped in boxes hurt the local florist business

Because of drop-shipping, independent florists are in danger of becoming extinct. Last year alone, the floral industry lost over $500 million (half a billion dollars!) to drop-shippers. That works out to 10 million customers a year, 435 customers in each shop.

Teleflora sends all of its orders to local florists. By supporting local florist businesses we strengthen entire communities. We partner with the most experienced and highest quality neighborhood florists, and our bouquets are available for same-day delivery and always beautifully designed, hand-arranged and hand-delivered right to the recipient’s door step.

Flowers shipped in a box vs. hand-delivered by a local florist? It is a no-brainer:)
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