3 Unique Employee Anniversary Recognition Gifts

Everyone likes to hear "Thank You" once in a while, and who deserves it more than your employees? Show them how much you appreciate all they do year round with a thoughtful and personal gift. Here are a few creative employee anniversary gifts that will make your colleagues' day:

Treat them with sweets

Who wouldn't want a bouquet of candy? For a sweet way to say thank you on their anniversary, stick some colorful suckers in a bright and bold display of blooms. Choose a vibrant collection like Teleflora's How Sweet It Is floral arrangement of plump orange roses and pops of hot pink miniature carnations and cheerful purple matsumoto asters in a glass vase. You can sneak in some orange, red and pink lollipops for a scrumptious surprise.

How Sweet It Is bouquet
How Sweet It Is Bouquet

Celebrate their service

Celebrate every year your employee has devoted to you and the rest of your office with a beautiful bud. If your coworker has been a part of the team for three years, try a bouquet of three different kinds of flowers. Sunny yellow and white daisies mixed with cheerful yellow roses like in Teleflora's Be Happy Bouquet are a great option. It will arrive in a happy face mug that can be used again and again.

Be Happy bouquet
Be Happy Bouquet

For a staff member who's been there six years, opt for an impressive arrangement of six different kinds of blooms like the ones you can find in the Make A Wish bouquet design: vivid yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, bright red miniature carnations, rich purple Matsumoto asters, flaming orange carnations and alstroemeria, all accented with green bupleurum.

Make a Wish bouquet
Make A Widh Bouquet

Constant reminder

If your co-workers deserve to be recognized more than once a year, why not show them how much you value them with a monthly bouquet? Flowers are a wonderful way to express yourself, and you can design a collection that really speaks to your staff. Put a personal touch on this thoughtful gift of gratitude by choosing symbolic colors for your bouquet. Give purple blooms, they signify pride, dignity and success and are a regal gift to present to your staff. Group them alone or in a range of vibrant colors that can express your appreciation and admiration.

A vase of bright orange blossoms can symbolize energy, warmth and enthusiasm, so celebrate your employee and show your confidence and devotion to them. Lovely yellow flowers can express happiness and are a symbol of friendship that is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they come to work.

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