Sending flowers to a woman for the first time is exciting. However, you might find yourself at a loss when it comes to filling out the message card that will go along with the flowers. You know you shouldn’t leave it blank, but what should you do? It’s hard to come up with the right words to say to express how you feel about someone. Romantic emotions are particularly intangible and hard to pin down. If you’re finding yourself creatively blocked, here are four sweet messages that say what needs to be said:

1. ‘I was thinking of you …’

It’s simple and to the point, but it works well. After all, everyone likes to be thought of. Letting your flower recipient know that she’s in your mind is likely to absolutely make her day. If there’s something that reminds you of her, this is a great opportunity to bring it up. If, for example, she recently told you how much she loves sushi, you could write something like, “Had a California roll for lunch today, and I tried your tip with the wasabi – you’re totally right.” This kind of quick anecdote tells her she’s made an impression.

2. ‘You mentioned you love daisies …’

If she’s ever mentioned her favorite flower, sending her those particular blooms will be a sweet touch. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but it lets her know you’ve remembered details about her likes and dislikes. If she hasn’t, you can still use details from your conversation – for example, you can send her flowers in her favorite color.

3. ‘I really enjoyed our date …’

While flowers might be too strong a follow-up for a first or second date, they’re a great way to keep things going as they approach the “relationship” stage. Write a quick note that references a joke or story you talked about the night before to let her know you had fun. If you don’t already have plans for the next date, this is also a great time to suggest meeting up again. A brief, “Looking forward to next time!” tells her you’re excited to keep things going.

4. ‘Happy (Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.)’

Sending her flowers on a special occasion might seem cheesy, but there’s a reason this is the go-to gift for so many people. Write her a quick message that says you understand that this is an important day, and that you wanted to commemorate it with something nice.

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4 Romantic Flower Card Messages to Steal
Romantic emotions card messages - if you're finding yourself creatively blocked, here are four sweet messages that say what needs to be said.