Everybody loves a good Fourth of July barbecue because it means spending time enjoying family, friends, great food and sunny weather. But it means a little more for the host or hostess throwing it. There's a lot of preparation involved, even when hosting a casual backyard affair, from sending invites and cooking food to mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. That's why, if you're throwing an Independence Day party, you likely want to keep the decor as low-maintenance as possible. That said, here are five easy DIY Fourth of July decorations you can make, even at the last minute: 

1. Paint a Planter
A red, white and blue color scheme is pretty standard for patriotic Independence Day parties, so incorporating those colors into whatever you can is an easy way to spruce up your place for the barbecue. One simple decoration idea is to paint some of your small flower pots! Paint the lip of the flower plots solid blue, then paint the bottom of the planter white. Once the white paint is completely dry, use tape to create vertical or horizontal stripes, and fill red paint in between the tape. These striped planters work perfectly when paired with red, white and blue flowers, like red or white geraniums or blue hydrangeas.

2. Hang Some Star Streamers
Remember those streamers you used to make when you were young, where you folded a long piece of paper like an accordion, cut out the shape of a heart or a paper doll, then pulled the paper apart to find dozens of connected designs? The same can be done with party streamers cut into star shapes! Simply pick out some red, white and blue streamers, fold them up like accordions, then trace a star onto the top fold and cut it out! This is the perfect project for your kids to help with, and you can display them along your deck railings for a simple and quick DIY decoration.

3. Display flags
Another fun decoration kids can help with is making flags to display around the party. Use paper of varying sizes, draw some lines for the blue and the stripes and have them paint or color them in. You can attach smaller flags to wooden skewers with tape and stick them into your flower pots and display bigger ones on your buffet table or deck.

4. Stencil Stars
Believe it or not, you can add a pretty cool decoration to your yard using just flour and a piece of cardboard. First, cut a star-shaped hole in the center of a piece of cardboard – this should be about the size of a dinner plate. Lay the stencil on your lawn, spritz the area within the star with water then use a sifter to sprinkle flour over the area. When you remove the cardboard, there will be a white star in your yard! Scatter stars across the lawn and your whole backyard will be patriotic in to time.

5. Switch Up Your Table Decor
Rather than a simple tablecloth, arrange red, white and blue bandanas across the patio table as a country rustic table runner. If you're using white paper napkins, pick up a star stamp and some blue and red ink and decorate them with stars! Your table will instantly be ready for Fourth of July celebrations. 

Don't forget to pick out a patriotic centerpiece! Teleflora's Red, White and You Bouquet and America the Beautiful Arrangement are perfect for celebrating America's independence, and they'll fit right in on your patio or dining room table.