Although lounging on a beach is the stereotypical image of a honeymoon, not all couples want a tropical vacation. For some, mild climates and beautiful foliage are the perfect environment for romance. Couples getting married in the fall can take advantage of the season to enjoy great autumn destinations. Put on an oversized sweater and start sipping cider – here are six places that would make the perfect fall honeymoon:

Teleflora's Maple Leaf Bouquet

Teleflora’s Maple Leaf Bouquet

1) Napa Valley, California
Wine-loving couples will be absolutely thrilled by spending their honeymoon in Napa Valley. Fall is the perfect time for this trip, since that’s when wine-making is in full swing. There will be plenty of opportunities to tour vineyards and bottling lines, and you’ll be able to get a real look at how wine is made.

In addition, Napa Valley is absolutely stunning in the fall. You can take a gondola up to a peak to check out an aerial view of the colorful valley below.

2) Alaska
Alaska is the perfect place for couples looking to have a nature-centric honeymoon. As fall arrives and the days get shorter, it becomes easier and easier to get a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Picture it: You and your new spouse cuddled beneath a blanket, staring up at the rainbow lights streaking across the sky. Between the natural sky show and the dense foliage, Alaska is a super romantic destination for couples willing to brave the cold.

3) Vermont
If fall means changing leaves and apple picking, then Vermont is like concentrated autumn. Another exciting spot for couples looking to adventure outdoors, the state is full of forests for hiking and exploring.

Since fall means harvest, it’s also the ideal time to visit farms and orchards. Apple picking is a great couples activity, and once you’re done, you can stock up on farm-made products to keep for yourself or bring home as souvenirs.

4) Lake Louise, Canada
Our neighbors to the north are holding out on us with this picture-perfect destination. This charming lake is nestled amid gorgeous mountains and forests, and visitors have access to all sorts of outdoor activities. In the early fall, there are tons of trails for hiking or biking, along with guided tours through some of the area’s interesting geological features. As the weather gets colder, the area becomes a central spot for skiers and snowboarders. Honeymooners heading to this location will not be disappointed.

5) Michigan’s Upper Peninsula 
If your ideal honeymoon is spending time with your partner in a secluded cabin, tucked far away from everything else in the world, head to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s easy to find a lodge there that’s far away from anyone else, so you can get some quality alone time. During the day you can explore the forests, taking in the fresh air and the fall colors. At night, you can find a clear spot to take in a view of the stars.

6) Aspen, Colorado
Like Lake Louise, Aspen can offer different types of honeymoons to those traveling in early or late fall. Before it gets cold enough for snow, Aspen is full of trails for hiking, along with opportunities to rock climb or zip line through forests and over canyons. Once the weather turns, Aspen becomes the perfect place for anyone interested in winter sports. The city is one of the most popular destinations for skiers in the U.S., and it’s chock full of mountains for athletes of all skill levels. After you’ve spent a day shooting down the slopes, you and your spouse can warm up together by a romantic fire.


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