For many, Easter represents the beginning of spring, when the sun is shining longer each day, birds are chirping outside and flowers are finally blooming again. For that reason, bright and vibrant flowers are very often used in decorations for the holiday – along with colorful eggs and bunnies, of course. A truly lovely way to decorate with Easter flowers is to weave them into a do-it-yourself wreath. Simply gather a wire or foam wreath kit, a handful of beautiful blooms and any other decorations you want. Incorporate these traditional Easter flowers into your spring wreath this year:

1. Easter lilies
The most popular flower for celebrating the spring holiday is by far the Easter lily, so these elegant white blooms would make a perfect addition to your wreath. Easter lilies are a classic religious symbol for Easter, used often to decorate church altars, but they're also one of the most commonly gifted flowers on Easter Sunday. Plus, their graceful trumpet shape and soft white color would make for a beautiful decoration!

2. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums, which are commonly shortened to mums, are said to symbolize cheerfulness, and their bright colors and many-petaled blooms do give the impression of joyfulness. Plus, mums have a particularly long vase, making them a nice and hardy flower to use for a long-lasting wreath. 

Teleflora's Send a Hug Tweet Tweet Bouquet is the perfect Easter gift, boasting not only mums, but tulips, daisy spray and alstroemeria as well! Plus, the keepsake watering can container is adorable for a springtime arrangement.

3. Tulips
When you think of spring, you think of fields and fields of colorful tulips, which is why they'd be such a fitting addition to your Easter decor. Tulips in bold jewel tones would make for a particularly stunning wreath, but use lighter, pastel-colored blossoms for a more classic Easter look. You can even add some yellow, pink and green Easter eggs to complement the softly colored flowers.

4. Daffodils
The bright yellow color of daffodils immediately brings to mind sunshine and cheerfulness, so incorporating a couple of these unique and vivid flowers into your wreath is a given. On Easter, daffodils are commonly offered as a way to say "I love you," so brighten a loved one's day with Teleflora's Daffodil Dreams this year.

5. Hyacinth
Hyacinth flowers can be found in a variety of colors, from bright blue to purple to light pink. The traditional Easter flowers have a one-of-a-kind look with cone-shaped heads full of several blooms in each blossom. The flowers look full and beautiful, and fill out bouquets, arrangements and wreaths well. Even incorporating one hyacinth into your wreath will give it a lovely springtime look.

6. Daisies
Classic white daisies symbolize purity, and are another popular flower for Easter decor. Use the delicate flowers in your wreath, and even add some gerbera daisies for some extra color and panache. Then, use Teleflora's Thanks a Daisy bouquet as a centerpiece for your Easter table! The pink gerberas, lavender daises and mums all complement the spring holiday well.