Brides planning a fall wedding might find themselves growing jealous of all the flower options available to those getting married in spring or summer. However, there’s no need for couples getting married in the later part of the year to fret: Fall wedding flowers are absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for inspiration for your fall wedding, check out these fall flower tips:

1. Go Seasonal
Using flowers that are in season will ensure that your arrangements are fresh and beautiful on your big day. That’s not the only reason to go seasonal, however: In-season flowers are cheaper for growers to produce and florists to use, which means you’re likely to have a smaller bill overall. Snapdragon, for example, is in bloom for September and makes a great bouquet accent. Seasonal October flowers include freesiaand Lily of the Valley, and peonies begin to bloom in November and December.

2. Focus on Structure
To stay in line with fall flower trends, think about structure when you’re designing bouquets and boutonnieres. Loosely tied bouquets and exposed stems make more sense in summer and spring. Think of fall flowers as bundling up. Design your bouquets and boutonnieres so their stems are wrapped in cloth or ribbon, like Teleflora’s Sunset Orchid Boutonniere. Denser, more structured centerpieces also work well for fall receptions.

Sunset Orchid Boutonniere

Sunset Orchid Boutonniere

Teleflora's Harvest Splendor Bouquet
Teleflora's Bounty Of Beauty Centerpiece with candles

3. Shop Local
Fall is the time for harvest festivals and family gatherings, so embrace that spirit when choosing your flowers. If you can, buy your flowers from a local grower. Not only will you get the chance to support local business, but since your flowers won’t be shipped as far you’ll reduce the environmental impact of your event. You’ll also get to add a touch of local flavor to your event, since the flowers that grow in regions near you will be different from those that grow in other places.

4. Think Outside the Vase
Fall’s homey feel makes it the perfect season for skipping traditional centerpiece vases and going for something a little more unique. Deliberately mismatched thrift store vases create a fun look, as do mercury glass vases. Of course, there’s nothing more at-home than repurposing something as a vase, like wine bottles or tea kettles. Baskets, boxes, bird cages: Once you start looking at items with flowers in mind, all sorts of objects become potential vases.

5. Embrace Drama
Although spring and summer flowers may lead in variety, fall flowers take the prize for sheer wow-factor. Fall wedding flower trends are all about large blossoms and rich colors, so don’t hesitate to embrace the drama of the season. Cockscomb is a great pick for early fall weddings, since their interesting shape makes for the perfect statement centerpiece. Other bold options include amaryllis, which comes into season in November, and gerbera daisies, which are in season all year long.

6. Use Flowerless Plants
If you want to add an extra touch to your wedding flowers, add some non-flowering plants to the mix. Succulents, for example, make a great addition to centerpieces and bouquets. Gumtree leaves are perfect for adding detail to boutonnieres and bouquets, as are eucalyptus. The ultimate use of fall plants for a wedding: For an outdoor ceremony, have the flower girl drop dried leaves instead of petals.

Fall Flowers for Bridal Bouqets