Looking for Grandparents Day ideas? On September 13 we celebrate everything our grandparents do for us by doing something special for them. These crafts make perfect Grandparents Day presents, and give your children a chance to express their creativity and show their grandparents how much they care:

1) Hands-On Art
Finger painting is the medium of choice for little ones beginning to unlock their artistic potential. Tap into this creativity to make personalized Grandparents Day flower pots. They can use non-toxic paint or stamp ink to decorate a terra-cotta pot with fingerprints. Then, present it to Grandma and Grandpa with Teleflora’s Yellow Fellow bouquet – a cheery arrangement perfect for the holiday. You can even coat the bottom of your child’s foot with paint and have them make footprint butterflies (big toes are on the outside edge of the wings), but be sure to put down a mat or paint outside to avoid a big mess.

Teleflora's Yellow Fellow

2) DIY Bird Feeder

If your parents like to watch the birds near their house, this is a great DIY craft that can easily be customized for different ability levels. Roll a peanut butter-coated pine cone in bird seed for a quick and easy craft for all ages. If your kids are up to a bigger challenge, they can string cheerios along a pipe cleaner and make their bird feeders into fun, three-dimensional shapes.

3) Shrinky Dink Magnets
Use shrink plastic to make miniature versions of your children’s artwork to stick to the fridge. You can have them draw directly on the plastic, or scan and print their drawings. Then you simply bake the plastic. If your kids are old enough, they can help with this part, and if not, you can use it as an opportunity to model oven safety. Once the shrinky dink has cooled, have your kids glue a magnet to the back. You can also use this process to make photo magnets that grandparents will love to show off to friends.

4) Coupons
Making gift coupons gives you a chance to help foster your child’s creativity. You can sit down together and come up with different ideas that their grandparents will love, like playing card games or helping out in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to get your child thinking about what he or she loves most about his or her grandparents, and to work on coming up with a gift that celebrates the special time they have together. Type up the coupons, print them and help your child cut them out. Then, have him or her decorate the coupons with crayons and stickers. Bind them together with a hole punch and ribbon, or put them in a nice envelope.

5) Decorated Gift Wrap
Single-color wrapping paper is just begging to be colored all over, so embrace it! Since most wrapping paper has a shiny surface, markers will probably blur and smudge. Instead, you can use crayons, paint, or stickers to bring plain wrapping paper to life. If you decide to use stickers, it will probably be best to add those after you’ve wrapped the presents. However, any drawing your kids want to do can be done as soon as you cut out the shape you’ll need.

6) Picture Frames
DIY picture frames are a classic kid-friendly gift because they’re easy to do, can be customized in any imaginable way and come with a cute picture. Cut two rectangles out of foam, and in the center of one cut out a smaller rectangle. Have your kids glue all but one edge of the rectangles together, then use markers, paint or crayons to write messages along the frame. Slide in their most recent school photo, or a picture of them with their grandparents.

Grand Garden Bouquet