Your best friends are there for you through good times and bad, no matter what, so it can be fun to take a day to show appreciation for all they do for you. That’s what National Friendship Day is for! National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August (this year it falls on Aug. 2), and is the perfect time to let your best friend know how much she means to you. Need a little help finding ways to celebrate? Here are six ways to show your BFF some love on National Friendship Day:

1. Send Her Flowers
Flowers are one of the best gifts to show appreciation, love and care, which is why they’re so popular to give to loved ones on birthdays and holidays. So, this year, celebrate your best friend by sending her a charming bouquet of her favorite blossoms. Or, since gladioli are the August birth flower, use them as inspiration. Have flowers delivered to her home on Sunday or her work on the Monday after – she’ll love the gesture either way.

Teleflora’s Smiles for Miles features yellow gladioli among other sunny flowers, like asiatic lilies, roses and miniature carnations. The arrangement comes in a brown bamboo vase, which gives it a chic and stylish look your best friend will love.

2. Whip Up Some Goodies
Another great way to show love? Baked goods. If you’re a good cook, whip up a batch of cupcakes, cookies or brownies for your best friend, depending on which treat is her favorite. Or, you can even invite her over to dinner and treat her to an entire meal on you. You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company, along with the delicious food.

3. Consider Jewelry
Friendship charms, necklaces and bracelets have all been around for years, and for good reason. They’re a lasting way to remember each other, even if you don’t live in the same place. The jewelry doesn’t have to say “Best friends” to be a good friendship gift, either. Choose a set of simple rings with a design you both like or necklaces with pretty pendants.

4. Make a Photo Book
Scrapbooks are a fun way to honor your friendship, but photo books can be even more personal. Most photo and printing shops allow customers to put together books full of digital pictures, notes and messages – this process can typically be done online. Your friend will love having a photo book to keep on her shelf and peruse whenever she needs a bit of a mood boost.

5. Plan a Girls’ Day
Nothing beats spending time together, so in honor of your friend on Friendship Day, plan a day full of activities. Head to a museum, ballgame, cooking class or anything else your city has to offer, and finish up with dinner or drinks together.

6. Keep it Personal
Nobody knows your best friend better than you, so if you’re giving her a gift, make it something you know she’ll love. If she’s a big reader, give her one of your favorite books with a message from you on the first page, for instance.