Pinterest is the perfect website for anyone seeking inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a motivational quote or a step-by-step guide to making a lamp out of drinking straws, someone has probably pinned the perfect post somewhere along the line. Of course, Pinterest is also a great place for checking out great flower photography. If you’re in need of ideas for your next floral arrangement, or simply want to spend some time admiring some beautiful blossoms, check out these gorgeous boards:
1. ‘Flowers’ by Red Tulip
This board is full to the brim with classic flower photography. Scrolling through the board, you’ll see flowers of every shape, size and color. The board focuses on the flowers themselves, not arrangements or context. Almost all of the images pinned have been taken with a shallow depth of field, which means the picture is just of the blossom itself. This is the perfect board for anyone looking to get to know different types of flowers, or for those who just want to “ooh” and “aah” at these detailed shots.

2. ‘Hydrangeas’ I, II and III by Anne Watson
Pinterest user Anne Watson loves hydrangeas. She loves them so much that she has not one, not two, but three boards full of thousands of pictures of them. We understand why: Hydrangeas’ dense blossoms and wide variety of colors make them as versatile as they are beautiful. If you fall in love with hydrangeas while browsing these boards, check out Teleflora’s Happy Hydrangea bouquet. We have a feeling Anne Watson would appreciate them, and that you will, too.

3. ‘Tablescape’ by Boutiq Weddings & Events
You can’t talk Pinterest without mentioning wedding boards. This one, however, goes a step beyond your average wedding centerpiece board by giving you ideas for the entire table. This is the perfect page for brides who have a rough idea of what they want, but can’t quite figure out the whole picture. Check this out for some serious inspiration.

4. ‘Garden Ideas & Garden Design’ by Midwest Living
Those sporting green thumbs will adore Midwest Living’s gardening board. These pins have everything an aspiring gardener could need, from advice on planting to design inspiration. Take a look to figure out how to make your backyard bloom.

5. ‘America’s Flowers’ by the California Cut Flower Commission
This board was created to celebrate the flowers grown in the U.S., and it’s full of some really gorgeous pictures. In addition to the flowers themselves, it’s also interspersed with images of the culture and industry of flowers. This is the perfect board for someone who wants to spend some time embracing the romance of the flower growing world.

6. ‘Succulents’ by Corazon MX
Corazon MX’s “Succulents” board is dedicated to everyone’s favorite impossible-to-kill plants. Apart from their hardiness, one of the greatest things about succulents is their wide variety of shapes and colors. This board captures that diversity and lets you take a look at all of the different succulents you could keep in your home or garden. The board makes a point of including outdoor, indoor and special occasion images, so you can get inspired to bring succulents to any part of your life.

7. ‘Favorite Wildflowers and Wildflower Gardens’ by Nodding Onion Gardens
This board is owned by Nodding Onion Gardens in northeast Ohio, but it has 14 additional contributors including the Chicago Botanic Garden. This board captures the the spirit of mankind’s relationship with flowers in nature. Images include those from backyard gardens, those grown in greenhouses and botanic gardens, and flowers that are growing in the wild of their own accord. This board will have you reeling at the ways the world decorates itself, and perhaps inspire you to come up with your own wildflower arrangements.


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