Fall is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to get pumped for changing leaves and cooler weather. Autumn is a great season when it comes to food, fun and fashion – here are nine of the most exciting things about the next few months:

1) Apples Everywhere
Fall is apple season, which means this is the best time of year for this delicious fruit. If you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, try to find a nearby apple orchard: Many have open hours for picking during the harvest months. If you’d rather have the apples come to you, check out Teleflora’s Fresh Picked Gift Basket – you can get fruit along with a pretty orange kalanchoe plant.

Fresh Picked Gift Basket of fruit and a plant

Fresh Picked Gift Basket

2) Halloween
Whether you’re giving candy to trick-or-treaters or heading to a costume party, Halloween is going to be a great time. It has everything: mysterious disguises, silly music and a built-in excuse to eat all the candy you “forgot” to hand out.

Teleflora's Halloween Glow Bouquet in a vase with a jack-o-lantern face

Teleflora’s Halloween Glow Bouquet


3) Sweaters
The weather getting cooler means two things: One, you don’t have to break a sweat anymore just getting the mail, and two, it’s sweater weather. There’s nothing more cozy than cuddling up in a warm sweater on a chilly autumn night. Sweater season also means that it’s time for other fall fashions, like boots and well-placed layers. Autumn definitely has the advantage over other seasons when it comes to pure style variety, so now’s the time to really embrace your inner diva.

4) Everything Tastes Like Pumpkin
Coffee, ice cream, beer: Pumpkin flavor makes its way into all aspects of our lives when the leaves change color. Some people get tired of all of their food suddenly turning orange, but true autumn spirits rejoice. Serious fans of fall can’t help but get excited every time “pumpkin spice” is uttered.

Teleflora's Country Pumpkin Bouquet

Teleflora’s Country Pumpkin Bouquet

5) Bonfires
Sitting next to a bonfire with friends and a marshmallow on a stick is one of the most blissful experiences that exists. It’s perfect: You’re outside eating a ridiculously sweet dessert, and you’ve got a heater right next to you. Even if you’re not attending a bonfire, you still get the fringe benefits of their existence in fall. On any given night there’s a decent chance it will smell like wood and happiness outside.

6) Colorful Trees
Simultaneously one of the most obvious and most overlooked benefits of fall is that it’s visually a gorgeous time of year. The changing leaves turn all of the trees into pieces of artwork, and as the leaves fall, they bring bright pops of color to the ground as well.

7) Fresh Air
After months of keeping your windows closed to horde that precious coolness from the air conditioner, it’s a relief to be able to get a real breeze. Not only can you open the windows without risk of turning your apartment into an oven, the crisp air makes you feel energized and refreshed.

8) Activities
Fall is bursting with community events and activities. Historically it’s the time of year people worked together to gather enough food to survive winter. Even though people aren’t as worried about running out of supplies in February these days, the tradition of autumnal community building still stands. Today neighborhoods have all sorts of festivals and hay rides during the fall, giving you a chance to head out with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.

9) Family
Because there are so many holidays in fall, it’s the time of year most people spend lots of time with their family. Catching up with your relatives while you sip cider and make caramel apples is one of the greatest delights autumn offers. Send a bouquet of fall flowers to capture the beauty of the season, from pumpkins to scarecrows, oak leaves and wheat, in our unique designs and keepsake containers.

Fall flowers