What is Love? Flowers of Course!
By Carol Caggiano AIFD, PFCI

The View logoValentine’s Day is just days away and Teleflora featured its handmade, hand-delivered Pair of Hearts Valentine’s Bouquet today with the ladies of ABC “The View.” This Valentine’s Day bouquet was prepared like all of Teleflora’s bouquets … by a professional floral designer, in this case myself at Starbright Floral Design, one of Teleflora’s many loyal member florists around the country.

The Bouquet Preparation:

The romantic red roses, crisp white alstroemeria and bright red miniature carnations were processed and waiting for me upon my arrival at Starbright Floral Design; ready to be arranged in Teleflora’s attractive Pair of Hearts vase. Most consumers don’t realize that all flowers need to be cut, and the leaves below the water line removed and placed in water that contains floral preservative for at least one day before they are ready to be designed into a beautiful bouquet. Not only does this special care make a more attractive bouquet, but it helps the flowers last longer because they have been processed properly. After the bouquet is artfully designed, it gets wrapped up to protect its lovely blooms.

As we departed to the ABC set this morning, it was beginning to snow so the extra care in packaging the bouquet for transport would ensure it’s looking as camera-ready as possible, ready to enjoy.

Upon arriving I am greeted by the ABC crew and we style Teleflora’s Pair of Hearts bouquet for its exclusive beauty shot! The floral arrangement will be included in the live show a little later in the morning when the actual bouquet will join the hosts of “The View,” ready to shine on-air as the STAR bouquet in the spotlight.

Please enjoy a few floral tips as we all get geared up for the Valentine’s Day holiday!!

  • Everyone loves to get flowers and Valentine’s Day is certainly one of those special times. Don’t wait until the last minute to order your Valentine Bouquets.
  • Please keep in mind that all of Teleflora’s Bouquets are custom designed by a professional local florist in your neighborhood and not just packed in a box like so many online companies. Given the heavy influx of orders coming in to that local florist shop for the busy Valentine’s Day holiday, it is important to give the florist enough time to prepare your bouquet and arrange for its delivery.
  • Even if you go to your local florist to purchase your Valentine flowers in-person, you are best served by ordering it in advance to give the florist the opportunity to do the very best job for you.
  • Keep in mind, flowers are the perfect choice for all the people you love and Teleflora has choices that are right for everyone…. from that very special someone in your life, to your best friend, your mom, daughter or someone that maybe just needs a “floral hug.”
  • When seeking out the ideal Valentine’s Day bouquets, mixed floral arrangements have become very popular gifts. These mixed bouquets feature a variety of blooms and often include a few roses just as Teleflora’s featured Pair of Hearts bouquet.
  • Roses are more expensive during the Valentine’s Day season due to the heavy demand at this time of the year and given winter is not the ideal growing time for roses. By mixing the bouquet with a few other flower types such as lilies, daisies or carnations, this allows the consumer to enjoy the luxury of the iconic romance flower, the rose… at a more affordable price.

Also, to make sure your bouquet lasts as long a possible, follow these simple tips.

  • Keep your floral arrangement in a cool place away from sunlight and heat vents.
  • Make sure the vase is filled right up to the top with water.
  • Often stems don’t go all the way to the bottom of the vase and some water may spill out during delivery; continue to add water daily as needed.
  • Try to keep the water clean and free of debris. Dirty water clogs the stems of the flowers and restricts water uptake.
  • If you have a packet of floral preservative, add it to the clean water as well. I recommend keeping these packets on hand as they do make a difference in the extended vase life of the flowers.
  • Remove flowers and foliage as they pass their prime to keep the overall bouquet looking good.

Finally, flowers make people happy and uplift the energy in a room where it is displayed! May your Valentine’s Day be filled with flowers.

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