You're growing more excited every day because soon enough, you're going to become a proud parent. You want to share your enthusiasm with friends and family, and no doubt one of your loved ones will throw you a baby shower.

As you begin to make preparations for a baby shower, however, you find yourself dealing with a dilemma. Because while many might see it as a chance to announce the sex of the baby on the way, you've decided to keep  that information a secret. That said, it can be difficult decorating such an event since most baby-themed decor is gender specific. Not to worry. There are plenty of ways to avoid draping everything in your home in pink or blue. Instead, explore gender-neutral options.

Here are some ideas for decor to keep your baby shower baby-focused rather than boy- or girl-oriented:

Since you're going to stay away from ideas dealing with a specific gender, you should try to find ways to incorporate things that are more universal to babies in general. Start your party off with decorations at the door. You can easily put together a door decoration in the shape of a baby rattle. Run to your local craft shop and pick up two foam balls, a plastic dowel, scissors and ribbon. Attach the two balls together with the  plastic dowel. To add even more flare to the baby rattle, consider covering the foam balls with flowers. You can cut flowers at their stems so that you can poke them directly into the foam balls. If you don't like the way that looks, think about gluing flower petals to the balls instead. Either way, tie the ribbon around the plastic dowel and write a welcoming message to greet your guests.

Bottles are another simple theme to get everyone in the baby spirit. An easy way to include the shape is in your food. Think about topping your cupcakes with icing in the shape of a baby bottle or cut your cookies to that shape instead. Another basic idea is to give each of your guests their own baby bottle, but filled with candy! Smaller candies (like M&Ms or Skittles) work best for this favor Plus, the sugar boost will only raise the energy at your baby shower.

Just because your guest list includes adults doesn't mean they're too old to get goodie bags at your baby shower. You can decide what you want to put inside, but the goodie bags themselves present another excellent opportunity to carry on the baby theme. Instead of putting goodies in a plain brown bag, place them in containers shaped like diapers. Although it might be fun to put things in an actual diaper, some of your guests might feel uneasy about eating out of one. Take the time to cut bags in the shape of diapers, and you'll be good to go.

An easy way to get your guests in the baby mood is to get them to dress like one! Enforce a dress code at your baby shower: onesies only! Not only will your guests be comfortable at the event, the dress code can go a long way in keeping the mood light.

Baby food
Recently, celebrities and diet gurus alike have been endorsing dieting by eating baby food. You don't have to convert your guests to baby-food diets, but at least you can feel comfortable knowing it's safe to eat. If you're planning on making a toast, replace a traditional champagne one with a spoonful of baby food. Your guests are sure to get a kick out of tasting baby food for the first time in years.