Different table display ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner

It goes without saying that a centerpiece is an essential part of any Thanksgiving dinner. While of course the meal – and the company – are two primary aspects of a memorable holiday, the decor on the table can also play a big part in setting the atmosphere and mood. You don't need to go a traditional route with displaying your flowers and other decorations this year, either. In fact, a little creativity can make a standard centerpiece more lively and interesting. 

If you're looking to jazz things up at the dinner table this year, consider these offbeat ideas:

Tea and roses
Orange and yellow roses certainly are the perfect blossoms for a sophisticated Thanksgiving centerpiece. However, you can make a far more intriguing display by presenting them in a unique fashion. Start by stacking some decorative china to create multiple tiers. Place a large dish on the bottom, then put a teacup in the center and put another smaller plate on top of it. Three plates and teacups each is ideal, as you don't want the display to be so high that it topples over – or gets in the way of conversation at the table. Place a blossom or two on each plate and be sure to disperse them so that they don't all lie on one side. Then stick two or three rosebuds into the teacup at the top.

Food and flowers
There's no reason you have to go the traditional route when it comes to a vase for your flowers on Thanksgiving. In fact, you might consider an unusual holder to give your table a eccentric touch. Better Homes & Gardens magazine suggested using brightly colored vegetables, like green or red peppers, to hold flowers and foliage. All you have to do is slice the peppers lengthwise an inch from the top and hollow them out. You can fill them with any blossoms you choose, but mums in autumn hues are a great option.

Decorate with nuts

Don't forget that while flowers are no doubt stunning on their own, you can always include other elements for a playful touch. Nuts are one item that can really break up the texture and add some visual interest. Start by filling a hurricane case with hazelnuts, or even whole walnuts for a really striking look. For a more eclectic effect, use a mixture of different kinds. Then simply place the blossoms of your choosing on top of the nuts.

A harvest vase

Of course, pumpkins are plentiful in the fall, but they won't be around for much longer – so they make a lovely addition to a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can actually use a pumpkin to hold your flowers, and there are endless ways to achieve different looks. All you have to do is carve the top of the pumpkin and completely clean out the inside. Next fill a vase that's roughly the height of the pumpkin with water and place it inside. Measure the height of the pumpkin and cut the flowers so that they'll just peek over the top. Buy a pre-arranged bouquet to make things easier, or compile your own. Any blossoms will do, but dahlias, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, zinnias and carnations all look especially fetching. You can also add in some branches or dark greenery, like kale, for a surprising accent. The best part about this arrangement is that it will last several days, so you can put it together ahead of time.

If you're going for an ultra elegant vibe this year, you can even paint the pumpkins white and fill them with delicate hydrangeas or vibrant red roses.

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