If you’re looking for a totally cute costume for your child that you can make yourself, consider creating a flower costume. The great thing about flower costumes is that because there are so many types of flowers, there’s a ton of variety in what your costume can look like. Flower costumes can be any color or style, and there’s a DIY trick out there for every skill level. If you’re ready to turn your child into your favorite blossom, here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep It Simple
Not everyone is up for making a costume from scratch. If you’d prefer to keep things simple that’s totally fine! For a super quick, super easy costume, dress your child in all green so their body is the “stem” of the flower. You can add the flower itself a few different ways: You can use face paint to draw petals on on his or her face, or have or her wear a big, flowery headband. A variation on this costume that requires a little more work (but is still pretty basic) is to use white clothes, and glue or sew felt in the shape of a stem with leaves on the shirt.

Make a Headband
If you’re going for the smiley-faced daisy look, you can make a petal headband at home. Make your petals using either stiff felt, or softer fabric supported with wires. If your material is stiff, you’ll only need to cut it out. If you’re using wire,  the wire into a petal shape and then drape the fabric over it. Secure it with thread or fabric glue.

Then, attach the petals to a stretchy headband. Again, you can do this using thread or glue depending on the materials you have available. If you’re using glue, make sure you give the headband plenty of time to dry so that it doesn’t fall apart when you put it on. When you take your child out trick or treating, bring along some safety pins just in case one of the petals starts to separate.

Once you have securely attached petals all the way around, the headband can be worn one of two ways: under the chin or around the back of the head. Either way, your child will look just like a flower. Wearing all green beneath is also great for this costume: Sewing-savvy parents can even make some green mittens that will make the child’s arms look like leaves.

Go All Out
If you’re really looking to impress, or you just want to spend some time on a project, make your child into a whole flower arrangement. If your child can walk steadily, you can use a large, round, plastic bin to make the flower pot. Cut the bottom off of the bin, and add straps to it so your child can wear it on his or her shoulders. Paint the bin a fun color, and glue fake flowers around the rim. This is a great addition to the aforementioned flower costume, but you can also go a different route: Instead of making a petal headband, glue fake flowers to a headband and a shirt for your son or daughter to wear. Once everything is on, he or she will look like a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

You can do a similar trick with children that can’t walk just yet using a stroller. Instead of the bin, use tape to adhere fake flowers to the rim of your stroller. Voila! Same costume, but no walking required.

Whichever you decide to make, your DIY flower costume will be totally special and unique, and your child will look adorable.

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