Tis the season for family gatherings and festive colors everywhere you look. It’s also the season for overtime and busy schedules, so quick and easy decor is the name of the game for people who are juggling a variety of demanding tasks!

Twenty-seven year-old Jessica from Pennsylvania knows the balancing act well, and she’s already got it pretty figured out. “Sometimes we have very little time to prepare for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean we should skip out on decorating our living spaces! No matter how small of a space you live in, or how busy your schedule is, it’s important to add some little festive decorations to brighten up your home and make it more relaxing for both you and your guests.”
Easy holiday decor ideas
Jessica starts with some soft lighting, incorporating a holiday glow with candles and string lights. She ups the ambience with a festive bouquet, taking care to find one that coordinates well with her home color scheme. Teleflora’s Silver and Joy Centerpiece was her favorite pick, with a sophisticated design that looked stunning against her neutral walls.

We already buy our gifts online, so why not grab a little something to spice up our homes too from Teleflora?  It only takes a short amount of time to find a bouquet and check out, and you’ll have a stunning flower arrangement delivered straight to your door! Plus, they have some gorgeous Christmas centerpieces to choose from to decorate your dining room table, entryway furniture, or coffee table.  Teleflora delivers next day too so if you’re in a pinch and have guests coming, this is a great way to get prepped in no time!”

Her favorite part was the long-term use of the vases, which can be incorporated into any decor scheme as an easy serving bowl. She kept her offerings quick and easy, picking up some red and green chocolate candies from the store and laying a pine branch nearby. Holiday display, done! Now add a little music and you’re on your way to a festive home that even the pickiest of in-laws will adore.

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