Festive décor for a memorable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about joining your loved ones in communal celebration and appreciation of all that you have, all while eating a comforting meal that is rooted in our country's tradition. For that reason, it's important to give your home décor some thought in preparation for this holiday. While the meal is no doubt a core aspect, the way that you decorate your home will truly set the tone for the day. Particularly as winter is fast approaching, it's an optimal time to incorporate some of the last signs of autumnal color, such as flowers, into the overall theme.

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As your family gathers around the dinner table, the decorations around the room should evoke warmth, togetherness and the bounty that plays a significant role in our daily diet. Here are some ideas for getting your home in festive condition for the holiday:

Charming centerpieces:

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be the same without a fetching centerpiece, and there are endless possibilities that incorporate the colors and textures of the season. One of the first things you'll want to consider is the height of your arrangement. A low one is ideal so that guests can easily talk across the table and see one another. If you are keen on including a taller bouquet, you might want to place it near the entry of your home, kitchen counter or in the living room on a low coffee table instead. One tactic that can be especially striking is to alternate high and low elements in the center of your table. For example, tall candles mixed in with gourds and a shorter vase of blossoms creates visual intrigue.

Color is also a critical element to think about. There's no doubt that red roses, sunflowers, orange Gerbera daisies and mums in autumn hues add a festive splash of color to any table. Still, contrasting blooms can be especially eye-catching, such as purple alstroemeria, maroon miniature carnations and green hydrangeas. Remember that there is no rule that you have to incorporate specific fall hues into your centerpiece. You can also draw on inspiration from your own china and the colors of your dining room.

A Thanksgiving centerpiece can also include other elements besides flowers, such as fresh herbs, pumpkins, gourds and even seasonal fruit, like pears and pomegranates. You could add evergreen boughs or pinecones to your arrangement to provide extra texture and a visual transition into winter.

Remember that the container is just as important as whatever flowers, fruits and other natural embellishments you incorporate. A bark box or a clay pot has an earthy element, while a cornucopia wicker basket filled with flowers has a rustic charm. A champagne glass vase is an effortlessly elegant option.

You might also want to incorporate some accents into the rest of your home to tie in the centerpiece. For example, consider making a fall potpourri to place on a table in the hallway, or weaving turkey feathers into your chandelier.

Personal place settings:

Don't forget to add some unique accents to the place settings for a more personalized feel. You could carve out a hole at the top of miniature pumpkins or gourds and use them as candleholders at each seat. Or, you could place small wooden cups or glass bottles at every setting and insert a single bloom, like a cheery yellow carnation.

You might even make your guests a small souvenir to commemorate the evening. Country Living magazine suggested filling acorn caps with melted wax and inserting wicks to make mini candles. Place a set of three in a wooden box with some matches and leave one at each seat.

Ditch the plain napkin rings for a blossoming holder. Punch a hole in thick paper cards and write each guest's name on them. Then thread a ribbon through the hole and wrap it around the napkin. Use fabric glue to secure a small bloom onto the ribbon and tie in a loose knot.

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