Our special PEANUTS Christmas Mug Bouquet is a favorite pick this time of year with busy families and DIY-ers alike! It comes with a fresh bouquet of red and white blooms that are a perfect way to say, “I was thinking of you this season.” Even after the flowers fade away, the recipient is left with a cute Charlie Brown and Snoopy mug that can serve up delicious roasted coffee or even a special treat!

We sent a bouquet to Amy from Mom Spark and she gushed over the bright cheer it brought into her home. “Having live flowers and plants indoors really brings energy levels up and are the best form of decoration. I especially love flowers in festive colors and designs that tie in wonderfully with my holiday decor,” she wrote.

Hot chocolate spoons to make

Amy had a cute idea for displaying her mug all season long, even after the foliage was gone. She made these beautiful hot chocolate spoons in a variety of flavors for grab-and-go coziness in a cup. Her mug now plays host to a bunch of different flavor combinations, including chocolate-mint, chocolate-cinnamon, white chocolate and more.

Hot Chocolate Spoons 1

This would be a perfect way to welcome friends, co-workers, in-laws or other relatives into your home for a seasonal party with lots of cheer. Have some Christmas flowers set out as well as these hot chocolate spoons waiting near some lounge chairs by a roaring fire. As long as you’re going for a wholesome old-fashioned theme, put out a few board games and a book of favorite carols, or have everyone name their favorite Christmas movie. You could even set out supplies for guests to make their own hot chocolate spoons. The setting is bound to invoke tons of conversation and wistful memories of childhood holidays.


Go check out the simple tutorial over on Amy’s blog, and have a sweet season!