Spring is one of the best times to check out the gorgeous blooms that pop up across the country. If you’ve been considering visiting various floral shows or parades, then New York is the place to go. Newsday reports the state and city are in full bloom with a slew of festivals and events set around flowers. Hitting up one or multiple shows and parades might be a great gift idea for mom this Mother’s Day. Here are a few events that can’t be missed:

Macy’s flower show
Department store chain Macy’s certainly knows how to put together gorgeous and creative window displays, and their Macy’s flower show isn’t any different. According to the news outlet, Macy’s in New York City has been putting on an annual flower shower for the past 39 years, making this spring’s festival one for the books.

Each event boasts a different theme and the department store celebrated its 40th flower show with the spirit of India. The event ran from April 4 through April 8 and those who didn’t get to visit missed quite a show. The store pulled out all the stops – the display, set up on Broadway Plaza, featured a 10-foot tall painted elephant that was adorned with thousands of brightly colored flowers. The large elephant sat next to an Indian-style fountain and statues accented with beautiful plants. 

Orchid show
If you missed the Macy’s extravaganza, you’ll still be able to take in a gorgeous orchid display at the New York Botanical Garden. The event, which runs through April 22, showcases more than 7,000 orchids varying in color, size and scent. In an ode to superstorm Sandy, some orchids on display were grown around trees that were uprooted earlier this year by the hurricane. 

According to the American Orchid Society, there are more than 30,000 different types of orchids and they take the title as the largest family of flowering plants because of it.

Cherry Blossom festival
Fans looking to make the trek to Brooklyn might want to head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden cherry blossoms beginning in mid-to-late April. This is when it’s expected the five week blooming period of the cherry trees onsite is predicted to begin. According to Newsday, the event tends to last for a little over a month, but since there are more than 40 different types of cherry trees, various options will be blooming at different times.

Photo credit: Macy’s Flower Show “The Painted Garden”
Macy's Flower Show - The Painted Garden

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