When it comes to ordering flowers online, we've all heard those horror stories about people receiving something completely different than what they ordered – or a bouquet that's wilting or less than quality. We at Teleflora never want our customers to feel less than overjoyed about an arrangement they receive, so we've put together a few steps to help you ensure you get the bouquet you want. Take a look at these ways you can make sure you get what you see online when ordering flowers:

Choose Your Own Florist
All of Teleflora's bouquets come from local florists, but we even offer customers the opportunity to request which florist they want to use for their order. So, if you have a particular florist in mind, or a favorite local flower shop you frequent, choose to order the bouquet from them. That way, you'll have a pretty good idea of the quality you can expect. During checkout, simply click the box that says "Choose my own preferred Teleflora florist." Then, pick your favorite from the listed options.

Ask Friends for Recommendations
If you aren't sure which florist you'd like to choose, but you don't want to leave it up to chance, you can always ask friends or do a little bit of research before deciding on one. Check with your friends who live in the delivery area to see what local florists or flower shops they like best. That way, you'll have a trusted opinion you can count on. 

Choose a Hand-Delivered Service
Many online flowery delivery services ship flowers in a box, which means you or the recipient will have to arrange the flowers yourselves. If you choose hand-delivered services for your online flower ordering, the flowers will be handpicked and arranged by the florist, then hand-delivered to you or your loved one in the vase, basket or whatever container your arrangement comes in. 

Read Product Details Carefully
When selecting the bouquet, plant or arrangement you want to order, make sure to read product details carefully and to choose the correct size. The image listed on a bouquet's page may be a deluxe or premium size, rather than standard. Choose the size you'd like to receive, then look at the picture to see if it's what you want. Each bouquet or arrangement's page will also list the dimensions of each size in inches, so you can read that to know what to expect.

Understand What's Additional
Many flowers can also come with additional items, like balloons, stuffed animals or chocolates. Make sure to read the product description carefully so that you know what's included and what isn't – the keepsake container the flowers are arranged in is typically included in the price of the arrangement. You can always buy these extra items separately, or choose to purchase none of them at all. 

Know About Substitutions
Because Teleflora works directly with local florists, it's possible that some florists may not have the exact flowers or keepsake container specified on the arrangement's description. That's why sometimes bouquets are made with flower substitutions or delivered in a different vase than expected. Florists should only make these substitutions if what they're including is of equal or higher value than what you expect. If you'd prefer no substitutions, send an email or call customer service after placing your order. Remember that some of the florists in your area may not have every flower required, so give at least a day's notice if you're looking for an arrangement with no substitutions. 

If you receive an arrangement with substitutions you aren't happy about, we'll happily replace it for you! Just give customer service a call.