Fresh, colorful flowers are a hallmark of the spring season, and this time of year also represents another important moment, graduation. People of all ages will be walking across the stage to take part in a ceremony that celebrates all of their hard work. Show them how much you care by greeting them with a bouquet of fresh blooms once they receive their diploma. Here are some flower arrangement ideas based on different school levels:

Graduations are an important milestone for kindergartners. They get to celebrate learning the foundational knowledge that will help them down the line in their educational careers. Treat your pint-sized graduate with a special arrangement to show him or her how special the day is.

Flower ideas – Does the young graduate have a favorite flower like a daisy or a tulip? If so, give the child a six-bloom arrangement, because a full-size bouquet may be too much to hold. You can also choose the flowers based on your graduate's favorite colors.

Elementary school
An elementary school graduation is an especially important time in an adolescent's life because they are becoming a teenager as they enter high school. Choose a bouquet that shows you understand how far your teen has come.

Flower ideas – Select one or two types of flowers to pair in an arrangement. A bouquet full of pink roses and lilies with contrasting green foliage is the perfect gift for a young graduate when it's wrapped with a polka dot bow.

High school
Graduating from high school and embarking on a journey to higher education is a great achievement. Show the graduate the significance of the event with a sophisticated arrangement.

Flower ideas – For a male graduate you can create an arrangement that features the school's colors. You can do the same for a female graduate or give her a gift of bouquet of red roses. This arrangement can symbolize the moment of reaching adulthood.

If your loved one is graduating from college then there is cause for celebration. All the years of hard work studying for tests and writing papers has led to this moment of educational victory. Mark the occasion with a grand bouquet that represents vibrancy and a positive outlook on the future.

Flower ideas – Orchids are unique flowers that come in a range of colors. Gift the college graduate a purple potted orchid plant that he or she can have and cherish as they enter the workforce.