Chrysanthemums are November's birth flower, and flower enthusiasts love that some varieties of the perennial grow very well over fall and winter. If you're interested in learning a bit more about the tropical florals, also known simply as "mums," take a look at this chrysanthemum guide: 

What Do Mums Symbolize?
In general, mums convey optimism and joy, but different colors of mums have different connotations. As with other red flowers, red chrysanthemums symbolize love. White mums convey love as well – specifically, loyal love. Yellow mums have a less romantic meaning – they connote slighted love.

What Colors Do Mums Come In?
Mums are known for coming in a variety of vibrant hues. The most common hues include varying shades of white, gold, yellow, red, pink and purple. 

The Best Way to Display Mums
Chrysanthemums work well in gardens, pots and cut arrangements. If you plant mums in your garden, you should regularly pinch them (remove new growths). This practice will keep the flower producing new blooms and make for bushier mum plants overall. Every three to five years, divide your mums, since they are prone to becoming overcrowded. You can also plant mums in pots or use them in bouquets. Check out Teleflora's chrysanthemum bouquets to see how beautiful the arrangements can look.

How to Care for Mums in the Fall and Winter
If you're looking for chrysanthemums that will continue to flourish over fall and winter in colder climates, it's best to plant hardy mums rather than florist mums. Though the flowers likely won't bloom year round, you can keep the plants healthy. Try to plant mums in a south-facing garden so they'll get plenty of sunlight even in the winter. If you have mums in your winter garden, do your best to avoid constant dampness and frost on the plants. To keep moisture away from your mums, either protect them with mulch and a handmade shelter or form a soil barrier around the plants and create a hole for water to drain through. Try not to trim the plants once fall starts, because any extra branches or leaves will provide protection from winter weather.

A Fun Fact About Mums
Mums are the official flower of Chicago, but Japan loves them just as much. The Japanese thought mums were so beautiful when they were first brought to the country in 400 A.D. that they included the flower on the Imperial Crest of Japan!