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Scary Halloween Themes for Front Yards this Fall

Scary Halloween Themes for Front Yards this Fall

If you love all things ghost and ghoul-related, Halloween is absolutely the best time to exhibit your affection for the eerie with a frightening front yard display. This holiday is certainly an opportunity to go all out as bigger is always better during Halloween.

Incorporating scary Halloween themes into your outdoor presentation is sure to make your home a favorite haunt this season. Children will fearfully brave your walkway during trick-or-treating and families will enjoy walking past your yard of horrors.

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Now is the time to starting planning, so here are some great tips and ideas for creating scary Halloween-themed front yard displays:

Create A Graveyard

A great staple to any scary front yard is, of course, a spooky graveyard. Strategically placed headstones around your lawn create an excellent base for the rest of your decor and certainly up the creepy factor. Feel free to make them different sizes and textures for a more interesting look and to make it more resemble a real cemetery.

You can opt for pre-made foam tombstones that appear aged and weathered or you can make your own. Choose a firm Styrofoam and trace different tombstone shapes in piece to be cut out. Paint the foam with a latex gray paint, then give it an aged look by highlighting the edges in black – be sure to blend to avoid lines that are too severe. You can also go over parts lightly with sandpaper. Once the tombstones are done, you can write an epitaph on each and place them around your yard. You can even glue moss to the tops and place stones around the bottom for even more of an effect.

To make it even scarier, you might consider adding a zombie or two crawling out of a grave. To achieve this, you can bury hands part way in the ground that appear to be crawling up from the ground. Be sure to set out some bouquets of flowers as well to give the impression that loved ones have visited the deceased.

Headless Horseman Greeter

If you want to give trick-or-treaters a fright, have the headless horseman greet them at your door. HGTV suggest having him hold a “candy” sign in one hand and his jack-o’-lantern head in the other. To create your character, you can fill trash bags with paper and roll them to create a log and stick them in the pant and arm legs of pants and a jacket, then tie a cape around his neck.

Flying Ghosts

No yard would be complete without a spirit or two flying about. Ghosts are great and easy for Halloween decor. To create a flying ghost, attach two yard sticks to a paint roller so they look like a Y with a line down the center, then secure the bottom of the paint roller into your front yard. Place a large foam ball on the top of the paint roller and smaller foam balls to the ends of each yard stick. Drape sheets of cheesecloth over the structure until you get the desired ghost look, and you can use a spray bottle filled with liquid starch to ensure that the cheesecloth sticks to the foam and the rest can float in the breeze. Once that’s dry, cut out two eyes and a mouth from black felt and paste them to the ghost’s head, and then your specter will be ready to haunt passers by.

Giant Spider Webs

Add another layer of spooky by putting up cotton spider​ webs. You can string them from your stoop and around bushes and trees in your front lawn. You can also drape spider​ webs over the tombstones. To make even more of an effect, you can put plastic spiders and/or bats in the webs.

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