With Memorial Day behind us, some people around the nation might assume that flower shows are also gone until next spring. However, fresh blooms were recently on display at the Westminster Flower and Jazz Festival in Westminster, Md. According to the Epoch Times, the annual event is a great way for residents and those visiting to get into the spirit of the area while enjoying both lively music and the chance to peek at some fabulous blooms.

Add art to the mix
Though the delightful sounds of jazz music might be enough entertainment while gazing at the fresh flowers, event organizers opted to keep up with a competition started at last year's festival. Dubbed "Paint Out Westminster," artists from around the region brought their tools of choice and painted or sketched canvases "in open air," the translation of plein air. 

The blog Plein Air Muse reports the art form is best performed in the early morning or late afternoon when the light offers plenty of shadows. Other tips include painting the shadows first since they change so quickly, and to try the technique in spring first – this season provides the best shadow shapes, the experts report.

The form of art calls for artists to paint or draw what's in front of them as their subjects move. Susan Williamson, the visual arts coordinator for the Carroll Arts Council, the organization that puts on the annual festival, believes the technique is a great way for artists to truly capture the feel of their subjects. 

Fun for all
Though many gifted and seasoned plein air artists were at the Westminster festival to potentially earn prizes while having fun, others, like Lisa Fiedler Jaworski, opted to create more still scenes using the gorgeous flowers on display, according to the Epoch Times. Fiedler Jaworski decided to focus her attention on a blue vinca blossom, taking photos of the flower and then piecing her different snapshots together for a plein air collage of sorts. 

The artist, new to this form, admitted it was challenging, but that focusing on the natural beauty of the flower helped ease her nerves.

"It's different, but I like doing it," Fiedler Jaworski told the publication. "Flowers have the power to bring healing and joy to so many people."

Get in on the action
Picking up a new hobby of painting flowers could be a fun way to enjoy some down time in nature. According to Artists and Illustrators, painting while flowers are in full bloom is best, as is using multiple shades to express a plant's three-dimensional form on the paper.