Sometimes families experience a shift in dynamics such as the loss of a loved one, and they find that their traditions have to change a bit as well. That was the case this year for Jenn, who was trying to adjust to the first holiday season where it was just her and her teenage daughter without her husband. To make decorating a little easier with one less pair of hands, she opted to seek out a bit of assistance.

“It’s my first holiday season without my husband and it feels like tradition has fallen to the wayside…he used to do all of the heavy lifting! I really like the idea of getting a little outside help in the decorating department from Teleflora to get us into the holiday spirit!”

hot chocolate in a Snoopy mug

PEANUTS® Christmas Mug by Teleflora

She ordered the PEANUTS Christmas Mug and found that it was more than enough to bring some nostalgia and color into their home, with red and white blooms and noble fir. After she’d gotten tons of enjoyment out of the fresh flowers, she continued the festivities with a brand new tradition!

Perhaps my favorite part of this ensemble,” she shared, “is that it comes with a reusable PEANUTS Christmas Mug. Perfect for my second favorite holiday treat – hot chocolate!

Jenn rattled off all the ingredients for her favorite hot chocolate mixes, all of which are totally easy to make at home. She included everything from classic cocoa to Nutella and even peppermint hot chocolate. Grab yourself one of these keepsake mugs and hop on over to Jenn’s site to see her secret ingredients! Maybe this could be the start of a fun tradition in your family, a new practice every season including the selection of beautiful Christmas blooms and some indulgent chocolate to add a cozy feel – no matter what dynamics are shifting around you.

snoopy mug