Flowers do more than brighten a room, they may also improve your health

There aren't too many true joys in life like the one most feel when they receive a gorgeous bouquet of delivered flowers. Though it could be who the arrangement is from that has ladies week in the knees, the sheer sight of flowers has been found to be a mood booster. While all fresh flowers can cheer up a gloomy day, some stand above from the rest. Here are a few flowers that might instantly make you happier:

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The first flower on the list is jasmine, not only for its gorgeous scent, but also its soothing capabilities. According to Lovelyish, jasmine contains components that help to ease stress and calm a person, while its benefits have been shown to work as "an effective anti-depressant" due to its "ability to promote confidence and optimism."

Do It Yourself reports drinking jasmine tea can be just as beneficial as gazing at a few sprigs of the flower . The tea, which has been a staple in the diets of people in Southeast Asia for generations, is made by infusing standard green tea with the fragrance of jasmine blooms. It's not just the taste that people love, but the health improvements as well.

Drinking jasmine tea has been found to help ease anxiety and tension as well as body aches and headaches, according to the news outlet. Some even believe drinking jasmine green tea can help lower a person's chances of developing cancer, high cholesterol or other ailments like a cold or the flu. This is due mainly to the strong antioxidants found in both ingredients.


Roses are not only among the most popular flowers to both give and receive, but they boast health benefits as well. The experts at Lovelyish report roses are known to help people think and feel more positively by heightening their moods. This may make roses the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who was recently admitted into the hospital or for a companion who lost his or her job. 

The pros at Rose Magazine report there are many health benefits people can reap from rose oil, which is made out of petals. Though some people may only just be finding out about the healing powers of roses, people living in Persia have been cultivating rose oil since the 10th century. This essential fragrance provides a soothing feeling that eases tension and promotes a happier, more relaxed state of mind, not to mention a solid amount of vitamins A, B3, C, D and E to nourish hair, skin and nails.

The only problem? Rose oil is made by using a large quantity of petals, making it quite costly. However, the oil can be used topically for a multitude of dermatological issues, including treating wrinkles, boosting moisture levels and helping to ease irritated or infected skin.

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This stunning flower is not only gorgeous, but should be a girl's best friend. According to Lovelyish, geraniums have been found to ease painful menstrual cramps while also helping to balance out fluctuating hormones. Geranium oils have also been found to work wonders on skin, helping to tone and balance your complexion.

Along with beauty benefits, geranium oil has been used for centuries to boost the healing time of cuts, ulcers and other trauma, Yogi Times reports . Many people today use the oil to help curb acne, black heads and other skin woes, thanks to its ability to reduce sebum, an oily substance found in the skin and hair that is produced by the sebaceous glands. It's meant to protect the skin, but if overproduced, can lead to oily skin and hair as well as other skin problems.

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