Your Valentine’s Day wedding is swiftly approaching. With only about a week to go, here are some last-minute preparation tips to keep your wedding flowers smelling fresh and looking beautiful.

Preserving the bouquet
For a crisp and natural-looking bouquet, keep flowers in a cooler spot and nourish them with chilled water. Until it is time to walk down the aisle, consider keeping the bouquet in the refrigerator, as exposure to direct sunlight, warm rooms, or hot water will cause the flower to wilt.

Watch out for windows or lamps, as setting the bouquet near sources of light can shorten their life.

A small spritz of hairspray will help prevent the flowers from wilting and dying. But be sure not to overdo it and saturate the bouquet with hairspray. Keeping a short distance of a couple inches is sufficient.

Avoid incorporating fruit into the bouquet, as this sweet product releases a natural gas that can cause the flowers to age, wilt and eventually die.

Nourish with fresh water
To keep your blooms looking fresh, leave them in chilled water for as long as possible, as a flower’s demand for water is continuous.

To nurture your flowers overnight, spray with preservatives you can purchase from the local florist. Store the bouquets in a cool, dark room and give them another squirt of the preservative mixture in the morning.

Rose petal etiquette
There is nothing more classy or romantic than the traditional Valentine red rose bouquet, especially for a Valentine’s Day wedding.

Here are a few suggestions to keep rose petals looking natural and fresh for the flower girl to toss:

  • Dampen a couple sheets of paper towel and place at the bottom of a plastic bag. A plastic container can be used as an alternate.
  • Fill the plastic bag about three quarters of the way up with petals. Be sure to leave extra room at the top for air to circulate around the petals. This will help prevent them from rotting.
  • Stick the bag in the refrigerator and let the petals sit overnight. Be careful not to place the petals back too far, as this tends to be the iciest part of the fridge, leaving you with mushy petals.

Consider practicing a few days ahead of your big day to get a feel for how long to store them, which container to use or how much water to add to the paper towels.

A touch of color
Incorporating shades or accent colors into a bouquet is visually stimulating and creates instant attraction.

A bridesmaid walking down the aisle in a red dress with a bouquet of red roses may look dull. The beauty and significance of the rose is suddenly lost, as the matching satin reds blend together.

Talk to your wedding florist about adding a touch of green, complimenting the radiant red roses. The high contrast of these two complimentary colors creates a sense of vibrancy and luminance.

A rustic look
A wild, woodland-inspired bouquets with ferns, greens and foraged branches is a savvy, eco-friendly trend for those tying the knot in 2016.

Brides who are considering a vintage vibe should talk to their florists about crafting the bouquets as if they were freshly picked a the garden, giving off an organic-yet-chic look.

To accessorize the bouquet, consider the use of more creative flowers such as succulents, which will also give you an extra boost of color.

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