Carnations have come to be one of the most popular types of flowers, used for a variety of events and in many different bouquets. Even though these blossoms are very available, some people may not know much about them.

Garden Guides website reports carnations are the flower of January and are typically used to celebrate the birth of people born in this month. Despite the fact that all varieties of carnations represent January, some hues also boast other meanings. Red carnations are typically symbolic of love, while white blooms are synonymous with purity. Pink versions go hand in hand with gratitude or thanks and green carnations are associated with Saint Patrick's Day.

Gifting a loved one with a birthday in January with an arrangement of carnation flowers may be a perfect gesture. A bouquet like Teleflora's Perfectly Pleasing Pinks is sure to impress a friend. This mix of pink carnations, mums, gerberas, roses and waxflowers is accented with greenery and comes in a lavender inspiration vase the recipient can reuse after the collection blooms.

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Perfectly Pleasing Pinks Carnation Bouquet