Make Someone Smile Week 2015

Make Someone Smile Week 2015

At Teleflora, we love making people smile. That’s why we’re thrilled about Make Someone Smile® Week 2015   During the week of July 19 – 25, thousands of our local Teleflora florists will deliver more than 25,000 Teleflora Be Happy® Bouquets to...

5 Ideas For Boss’s Day Gifts (And How To Present Them!)

5 Ideas For Boss’s Day Gifts (And How To Present Them!)

Boss’s Day is soon approaching and this year the happy occasion falls on Oct. 16, 2014. This holiday gives you the chance to show your boss how much you appreciate the hard work they put in to making your job wonderful.

Remember, this isn’t a way to kiss up to your superior, but it’s a simple way to say thank you and let them know you enjoy working for them. When considering ideas for boss’s day gifts, think about his or her personality, interests and hobbies. These should give you a good starting point to find just the right gift for your boss. Here are some great suggestions to get you started:

1. For The Nature Loving Boss:

If your boss loves spending time in nature and enjoys bringing the outdoors in through potted gardens and plants, a great option for a gift might be a plant or bonsai tree. The greenery will help liven up his or her office as well as improve the air quality, which is always a nice bonus. If you opt for the bonsai tree, it can double as a stress reliever – your boss can take a break during a particularly hectic day to tend to the bonsai tree, but you can let him or her know that this plant is pretty low maintenance. Deliver this to your boss with a thoughtful thank you card for all he or she does.

2. For The Coffee (Or Tea) Loving Boss:

In many offices, employees share community mugs that are stored in the kitchen. If your boss grabs a random glass each morning for his or her cup of joe, consider purchasing a special mug your boss can keep on his or her desk. You can find one with a witty saying that speaks to your boss’s personality or something that involves a hobby they enjoy like golfing, knitting or fitness. To take it a step further, you might want to include a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop and/or a cute coaster to keep their desk clean. Present this to your boss first thing in the morning, so his or her first cup of coffee will be extra special.

3. For The Colorful Boss:

For a superior who is not afraid to incorporate pops of color into her life, be it in her office decor or her wardrobe, a stunning floral arrangement will suit her personality nicely. You can opt for an arrangement of flowers in shades of her favorite color or you can mix and match. A single orchid always stands out, or, since it’s autumn, you can create a blend of fall colors in rich yellows, red and oranges. Have this delivered to the office to surprise your boss!

4. For The Chocolate Loving Boss:

Bosses with a sweet tooth will certainly delight in receiving chocolate covered strawberries, apples and/or oranges. He or she gets to enjoy the perks of eating fruit (it’s healthy!) while indulging in white, dark or milk chocolate – be sure to find out which one your boss prefers. Whether you make them yourself or order them from a local chocolate store, your boss is sure to appreciate the effort and the snack. If it’s homemade, feel free to give this gift to your boss as a post-lunch dessert or you can have a package delivered because everyone likes getting something in the mail.

5. For the inspirational boss:

If your boss is the type of leader who is constantly working to boost moral, keep employees motivated and spark inspiration, take this opportunity to return the favor. Recruit your team or few co-workers and get your boss a signature frame. In the middle can be an inspirational quote below a beautiful photo and around the border each of you can write a note to your boss, letting him or her know that you’re thankful to be able to work for him or her. Present this to your boss at the end of the day with everyone who signed it.

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