Remember Grandma & Grandpa with Flowers on National Grandparents Day 9/7/14

Remember Grandma & Grandpa with Flowers on National Grandparents Day 9/7/14

National Grandparents Day will soon be here, brunch times will be booked solid, and kids will be cheering for a chance to spend some quality time with their older relatives. Parents, to help your children show how much they are truly thankful for their grandparents, help them send flowers for the September holiday. 

You always want to send your grandparents a gift that is thoughtful or somehow reminds one of the gift giver. Have your children think about what characteristics describe themselves best, such as their favorite color, personality traits or favorite activities. All of these can be found in plants. Each bouquet and plant has different traits that can mirror a personality. So send a bouquet that will remind the grandparents of their grandchildren each time they water it.  

Identifying the flower personality

Parents, if your child happens to be bright, cheery and full of beaming happiness, choose a bouquet that incorporates sunflowers. A great option is the Teleflora Grand Sunshine Bouquet. This arrangement is full of color that just calls for attention. This stunning bouquet is sure to make grandparents sit up and think of their affectionate little grandchild.

Shop for a Grandparents Day bouquet!
Grandparents Day Bouquet
Teleflora’s Grand Sunshine Bouquet $49.95

If your child happens to exude peace, harmony and walks with a graceful flow in each step, consider sending the Teleflora Zen Artistry bouquet. This bouquet is not only relaxing to look at, but it requires little maintenance. This gift should be from a grandchild who wants fully to take their grandparent’s happiness into his or her flower choice. Best of all, grandma is sure to adore the beautiful orchids.

For the grandchild who inherited a love of cars and trucks from his classic auto collecting grandfather, send Teleflora’s ’48 Ford Pickup bouquet. This little blue truck looks a near replica, and it is cool enough to please any grandpa. Not only do the flowers look beautiful in the trunk, but the truck can be reused for a multitude of things after the bouquet has gone. 

The little girls who prefer to wear matching outfits of red patent shoes, red jumpers and red bow clips are sure to love the Teleflora Lovely Ladybug bouquet. Your daughter will want to send this bouquet to her grandparent to show how cleverly she coordinated her flowers with the vase. For a personal touch, have your little girl write a small poem about ladybugs to send in the card.

Be sure that all of the children weigh in on what the card has to say. This day is all about the grandkids’ love for their grandparents, so let their voices be heard. 

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The 5 Easiest Gifts for Her

The 5 Easiest Gifts for Her

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary or just a regular Thursday night, you can show her how much you care without breaking the bank. The best rule of thumb for gift-giving is to choose something that speaks to her and comes from the heart. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the five ideas below:

1. Flowers: a timeless gift

Flowers can instantly brighten a room and bring a smile to her face. If you know her favorite flower or color, choose a beautiful bouquet that will bring her cheer
?s=t&srccode=SC_NB every time she looks at it. If she has classic style, opt for an arrangement of roses tied with a bow. You can also offer her something bolder, like a beautiful bouquet of lilies that symbolize her energy and vibrancy. You can always surprise her with something totally new and fresh that speaks to her adventurous spirit with a display of bright gerberas, roses and lilies that are beautiful and feminine, like her.

bouquet of red rosesA Little Pink Me Up Bouquet

2. Photos: a personal touch

Photos are always a great gift idea because you can present them so many different ways. Find a photo of the two of you and insert it into a special frame, or have it printed onto virtually anything, from a thermos for her coffee to a case to protect her smart phone. Every time she looks at the gift, she will think of you and your special gesture. You can even find a series of pictures – of a vacation you took or a few of her favorite places – and have coasters created for her coffee table.

3. Adventure: try something new

Has she been dying to try skydiving, wine tasting or a paint class? Why not give her the gift of an experience she won’t forget? If you want to leave scheduling up to her, offer her an IOU for the activity, and if you’re feeling adventurous too, join her! You two can enjoy a great bonding experience, and surely get a few great pictures to remember the day!

4. Pampering: a thoughtful gesture

Who could pass up a day of pampering? She won’t be able to resist a massage, manicure or pedicure. Show how much you appreciate all she does by offering her a day to get off her feet and enjoy all the attention focused on her. You can even suggest driving her to and from the salon so she can really feel like a queen for the day.

5. Quality time: always in style

The best and easiest gift you can offer her is the gift of your time. Let her choose the date or activity and then just spend some time enjoying the pleasure of being around each other. Take a walk together, grab a coffee or cook a meal as a team. No matter how you spend your time, she’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Great Housewarming Gifts for New Neighbors

Great Housewarming Gifts for New Neighbors

If moving trucks have made an appearance on your block, you might have a new neighbor to welcome to the area. For a great housewarming gift that will put a smile on their face, consider bringing over a beautiful bouquet to make their new space feel like home. For some inspiration, check out the ideas below:

Make new friends

In the language of flowers, there are a number of blooms that symbolize the meanings of friendship and express loyalty, trust, admiration, and devotion. Yellow is the traditional color of friendship, but a collection of flowers like alstroemeria, hydrangea, roses or daisies are a thoughtful gift. Try a gorgeous display from Teleflora, like the Basket Full of Wishes. Large yellow lilies are nestled beside gerberas, roses, button spray chrysanthemums, carnations and lovely green leaves, all presented in a brown basket with a butterfly floating above it that they can keep and reuse. This is sure to make a big impression on your new neighbors.

Basket Full of Wishes
Basket of Wishes - yellow flowers in a basket

Welcoming wishes

Teleflora’s Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer bouquet arrives in a delightful yellow pitcher your new friends can keep and use as a centerpiece, a garden ornament or a vase for fresh blooms! Alstroemeria represent friendship and devotion, and are featured in this collection next to yellow gerbera daisies, roses and carnations, which are mixed with white monte cassino asters and green variegated pittosporum. This will brighten anyone’s home with lots of cheer.

Basket Full of Wishes
Sunny Day Pitcher of Charm- flowers in a ceramic pitcher

Grillin’ buddies

Make your new neighbors really feel like a part of the community with an adorable bouquet from Teleflora arranged in a mini Weber grill! This wonderful King of the Grill with flowers speaks to warm evenings outside with good friends and great food. Bright buds of blue delphinium, fiery red carnations, sunny yellow viking spray chrysanthemums, blue statice, petite red miniature carnations, spiral eucalyptus and myrtle are all arranged to spill out of the grill top. Bring over a bouquet like this and your new friends are sure to invite you over for their first cookout.

Weber King of the Grill
Weber King of the grill - flowers in a replica kettle grill

Bring them some luck

We all know how stressful moving can be, so bring your new neighbors a bit of luck with Teleflora’s Money Tree. It’s presented in a sleek and modern square black container with deerfoot moss carefully arranged around the base along with black and white rocks. With the proper care, money trees can grow big and strong, so give your new friends a living gift they can keep forever.

Money Tree plant
Money Tree plant

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3 Unique Employee Anniversary Recognition Gifts

3 Unique Employee Anniversary Recognition Gifts

Everyone likes to hear “Thank You” once in a while, and who deserves it more than your employees? Show them how much you appreciate all they do year round with a thoughtful and personal gift. Here are a few creative employee anniversary gifts that will make your colleagues’ day:

Treat them with sweets

Who wouldn’t want a bouquet of candy? For a sweet way to say thank you on their anniversary, stick some colorful suckers in a bright and bold display of blooms. Choose a vibrant collection like Teleflora’s How Sweet It Is floral arrangement of plump orange roses and pops of hot pink miniature carnations and cheerful purple matsumoto asters in a glass vase. You can sneak in some orange, red and pink lollipops for a scrumptious surprise.

How Sweet It Is bouquet
How Sweet It Is Bouquet

Celebrate their service

Celebrate every year your employee has devoted to you and the rest of your office with a beautiful bud. If your coworker has been a part of the team for three years, try a bouquet of three different kinds of flowers. Sunny yellow and white daisies mixed with cheerful yellow roses like in Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet are a great option. It will arrive in a happy face mug that can be used again and again.

Be Happy bouquet
Be Happy Bouquet

For a staff member who’s been there six years, opt for an impressive arrangement of six different kinds of blooms like the ones you can find in the Make A Wish bouquet design: vivid yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, bright red miniature carnations, rich purple Matsumoto asters, flaming orange carnations and alstroemeria, all accented with green bupleurum.

Make a Wish bouquet
Make A Widh Bouquet

Constant reminder

If your co-workers deserve to be recognized more than once a year, why not show them how much you value them with a monthly bouquet? Flowers are a wonderful way to express yourself, and you can design a collection that really speaks to your staff. Put a personal touch on this thoughtful gift of gratitude by choosing symbolic colors for your bouquet. Give purple blooms, they signify pride, dignity and success and are a regal gift to present to your staff. Group them alone or in a range of vibrant colors that can express your appreciation and admiration.

A vase of bright orange blossoms can symbolize energy, warmth and enthusiasm, so celebrate your employee and show your confidence and devotion to them. Lovely yellow flowers can express happiness and are a symbol of friendship that is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they come to work.

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