Every Flower Has a Special Meaning: What Does Your Favorite Flower Stand For?

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Every Flower Has a Special Meaning: What Does Your Favorite Flower Stand For?

Flowers are inextricably linked to the psyche of human beings. Studies have shown repeatedly just how deep the emotional connection is between human beings and flowers. In fact, many studies have shown that the mere presence of flowers evokes feelings of well-being, calm, happiness, and intimacy in people. But beyond this connection, many flowers have a special meaning that is steeped in tradition, symbolism, or both. Below are five flowers with special meanings you may not have known about.


Pansies have long been used to represent loyalty. Often, they are presented on the one year anniversary of marriage, usually from one partner to the other, to symbolize enduring loyalty and a re-commitment of love. Pansies are also quite lovely for decorating, and are said to have been used in love potions in ancient times. More practically, pansy tea has been revered for its ability to reduce fever, and so they are often associated with calmness and peace.


Given their beauty, it’s no surprise that daffodils were chosen as the national flower of Wales. Symbolically, they represent rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life. As such, they are sometimes used in religious ceremonies, funerals, and marriages. More commonly, they are given as gifts from one partner to the other on the couple’s tenth wedding anniversary. It has been said that one daffodil means impending misfortune, while a bunch of daffodils represents joy and happiness.


A long-standing symbol of modesty and innocence, violets are often given to young girls as a birthday present or for other occasions. They are also a representation of enduring faithfulness, and they are often exchanged by couples on their fifteenth wedding anniversary. In ancient Greece, they were used to calm tempers and induce sleep, and the scent of lavender is still used to calm and induce sleep in aromatherapy products.


The orchid is a symbol of rare beauty, and they are often given as graduation and marriage gifts. Orchids are often said to symbolize refinement, and in the Chinese culture it is said that orchids symbolize having many children. The flower is also given as a gift on a couple’s 28th wedding anniversary. Many florists, like ArenaFlowers.com, offer a single orchid in a simple, white vase. This is a stunning way to present an orchid, as the flower has also been used to represent simplicity and pure, natural beauty. In contrast to their demure appearance, though, orchids are actually quite strong, according to the American Orchid Society.


Sunflowers are well known to follow the sun as it tracks across the sky. For this reason, the flower has often been associated with devotion and loyalty, and as a way of letting someone know you will follow them wherever they go. The giving of a sunflower is typically a symbolic gesture of devotion, adoration, and good tidings, as sunflowers are also associated with cheer and joy. There are far too many flowers in the world to put all of their meanings in a single place, but the above examples gives you an idea of just how many symbolic meanings are associated with different flowers. If you want to create a truly meaningful bouquet, have a look at the meaning of various flowers and assemble a thoughtful bouquet. Finding out what your favorite flower means might give you an idea of your own personality and can be a fun exercise to engage in with friends.

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