Halloween is one of the most fun – and visually exciting – times of year for kids. That’s why it’s a great opportunity to decorate your classroom and get kids ready for the season. Here are some ideas for how to capture that Halloween spirit and make your classroom totally spooktacular:

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Halloween flowers in pumpkins

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Fake Cobwebs
Probably the simplest way to give your classroom a (slightly) creepy atmosphere is to use fake cobwebs. You can get these in bulk at Halloween and party stores, and then just go crazy with them. The greatest thing about them is that they work in any amount: You can lightly drape them across surfaces for a subtle, spooky vibe, or go all out and give your classroom the complete “abandoned schoolroom” look.

Halloween Colors
Deck your classroom out in Halloween colors leading up to the holiday. Decorating the room with lots of orange, black and deep purple work particularly well for classes with younger children, since they capitalize on the aesthetic of the month without being too creepy or scary. You can incorporate these colors into your usual classroom decorations: For example, you could swap out your usual whiteboard and cork board borders for some in fun, Halloweeny hues. If you usually have flowers on your desk, replace them with Teleflora’s Spooky Sweet Halloween bouquet, which comes with a (friendly-looking) spider crawling up the flowers.

This is also a great opportunity to get the kids in your class involved: Have them make paper chains out of construction paper to hang on the walls. They’ll be super excited to be involved in the decorating process and to see their hard work displayed throughout the classroom.

Of course, you can’t forget everyone’s favorite gourd. Pumpkins are the belles of the Halloween decor ball, and for good reason – they’re only in season this time of year, and have become the ultimate symbol of fall and autumn activities. You can decorate with actual pumpkins, but they might start to smell bad or rot. If you’d rather not deal with tossing them out and buying new ones, go with fake pumpkins, or even just pumpkin cut-outs to hang on the walls.

This is another opportunity for a fun crafts activity: Have kids cut out construction paper in the shape of a pumpkin and then decorate their pumpkins with markers, stickers, and glitter. Then, you can use their creations to brighten the room and embrace the holiday.