It is said that no flowers are truly black, as black is the absence of light and the pigment in flower petals won't allow this to phenomenon to occur. While flowers can be found that appear black, they are typically deep shades of purple or red. In terms of roses, deep red is often the case rather than purple.

But florists and gardeners strive to achieve this darkness by cross-pollinating dark red roses. The darkest red of the offspring are crossed again and this process is continued until the offspring are no longer deepening in color. Results of this cross pollination are the Black Baccara, Black Magic and Black Beauty, among others, though, in actuality, they are all a very dark burgundy.

Black roses can also be achieved easily enough with black floral paint. Another method is by adding food dye, or "root dye", once every couple of weeks. Change should start to occur after about a month.

True Black Roses
Despite popular belief, true black roses can be found in nature, but are extremely rare. The pitch-black Turkish Halfeti Rose, which indeed appears to be perfectly black, grows only in small quantities in the tiny Turkish village of Halfeti. The unique soil conditions and groundwater – which seeps in from the mighty Euphrates River – create a deep crimson red color which only appears black in the summer months. With the naked eye, the red is nearly impossible to see at all, as the hue of the petals is incredibly dark.

These roses represent mystery, magic, hope and passion, and they are seductive by nature. The locals of the Turkish village have a love-hate relationship with them, as their black hue can turn some people off, even cause fear of the rose.

With Halloween approaching, there is no better time to hunt down your black roses. While they are classy and attractive, they can also be a bit scary. Being less common, many people aren't sure what to think of them. They can be a beautiful addition to your home and your seasonal decorations. But as they stand out the most when they are on there own, be careful not to clutter them in with the rest. By putting them in a bouquet or gaudy vase, you may take away from the mystery that they contain. Instead, use a clear glass vase and set them someplace they will be recognized. They will not be forgotten, by you or your guests.