Homecoming is the perfect time to show off your style and individuality. There are all sorts of ways you can bring your personality into your homecoming ensemble. Dresses or suits, hairstyles and accessories are the go-to avenues for making an impression at the dance. However, there are some items that are often overlooked when it comes to adding a bit of flair: the homecoming flowers. Corsages and boutonnieres are a great opportunity to add an extra dash of personality to the big night.

Here are five ways you can personalize your homecoming flowers to make your wrist or lapel extra special for the dance:

1. Shells
This is the perfect idea for a beach or under-the-sea themed dance. Adding a beach-themed item into your corsage and boutonniere will tie your look into the event and make a splash. If you’re near a beach, you can spend a fun afternoon with your date looking for pretty shells to use. Make sure you clean anything you find thoroughly and give it plenty of time to dry before the dance. If you don’t have access to shells in nature, most craft stores carry shells, starfish and coral that will be a nice touch.

2. Ribbons
Adding an accent ribbon is a great way to add a subtle splash of color to a white corsage or boutonniere, such as Teleflora’s White Orchid and Rose Corsage or White Tie Boutonniere. This is a discreet option for those who are looking for a way to draw attention to the color of their dress or tie without letting the color overpower their ensemble. Simply add an extra satin ribbon dangling down from the flowers to give it that extra pizzazz.

3. Feathers
If you’re wearing a green, blue or purple dress or tie, consider using peacock feathers to tie the look together. This is a great option for couples looking to coordinate without looking too matched: One person can wear green, the other purple, and then both can incorporating a peacock feather into the corsage and boutonniere. Couples going for a rustic look can add soft, downy feathers to their flowered accessories. Stiffer, more structured feathers can be a great addition to corsages and boutonnieres as well. This is best for couples who are outdoorsy and love nature, since it brings that element into their look for the dance.

4. Sparkle
If your only problem with homecoming is that it’s just not sparkly enough, you can add accents to your corsage and boutonniere that bring a little extra shine into your ensemble. For a simple way to boost your glam factor, lightly spray the flowers with a clear liquid adhesive and sprinkle glitter on top. The lighter the glitter, the more subtle the sparkle, so use more or less according to your taste. For those looking to put a little more effort into the DIY process, get some floral adhesive and glue rhinestones onto the petals of your flowers. Rhinestones of different sizes will create an almost dew-like effect.

5. Charms
A small charm is a sweet, simple addition to your homecoming flowers. You can string the charm onto one of the ribbons to give your corsage and boutonniere a super personal touch. You can use charms you already have from bracelets or necklaces, or you can buy them from craft and jewelry shops. For the best effect, go for a charm that symbolizes something about yourself, whether it’s a reference to a hobby or a shared joke between you and your date. This will not only make your flowers totally unique, it will give them a special meaning.

White Tie Boutonniere
White Orchid and Rose Corsage