Everybody fights – it’s just part of being in a friendship or relationship. Whether you disappointed a best friend or you’re at odds with your spouse, apologizing is the No. 1 best way to clear the air and get your relationship back on track. That’s why August 25 has been named National Kiss and Make Up Day! On this national holiday, we celebrate our relationships by learning to let go of grudges, apologize and make things right. Have you done something recently that you need to apologize for? If so, what better what to say sorry than with flowers? Here’s how to celebrate National Kiss and Make Up Day by apologizing to your friend or loved one with beautiful blooms:

Pick the Right Blooms
The first step to the perfect apology? Choosing the right blooms, of course! The flowers you choose can go a long way toward saying, “I’m sorry” without you even having to open your mouth. Here are some of the top apology flowers to consider:

  • White Tulips: White tulips represent forgiveness and new beginnings, which makes them the perfect flower to bestow to your dear one on National Kiss and Make Up Day. Send a bouquet of white blossoms to a friend, family member or significant other to show them how much they mean to you.
  • Mums: If you told a secret that wasn’t yours to tell, let something slip during a conversation or gossiped about a friend, you’ll need to assure your loved one that you really can “keep mum” in the future. Do this by sending a bouquet or pot of mums! The symbolism is perfect, and it gives you the opportunity to lighten things up with a cute pun in your apology card.
  • Blue Hyacinth: Blue hyacinth blooms represent peace, which is why they’re such an appropriate offering when you’re trying to apologize to someone you care about. Plus, blue hyacinth are simply beautiful flowers that anyone would love to keep in a windowsill or on a desk at work.
  • Snapdragons: If you lost your temper and snapped at a loved one, show them how much you regret it by sending him or her a handful of snapdragons. These unique flowers are charmingly symbolic and will help you apologize for the words you said in anger.
  • Roses: Roses of any color represent love – not to mention, they’re one of the most universally liked flowers, which means the recipient is sure to enjoy receiving a pretty bouquet.

Write a Sweet Message
While flowers can make an apology even more special, what matters most is the message you choose to include with them. Depending on the seriousness of what you’re apologizing for, your message can be sweet, humorous and charming, but it must also be completely sincere and genuine.

To begin your message, talk about what you’re apologizing for. Did you treat a friend poorly? Did you forget a significant other’s birthday? Whatever the case is, it’s important to take complete responsibility. Then, follow it by telling the person how much you care about him or her and that you would never hurt them intentionally. Remember: The message must be personalized and honest to make the most impact.

Practice Your Apology
The flowers and note you send on National Kiss and Make Up Day are a beautiful gesture. Follow them up with a face-to-face or over-the-phone apology when you can clear the air further. Your loved one will appreciate all the effort you put in!

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