People generally think of holiday cheer as a compilation of many items, not a single gift. Again and again, though, we’re seeing incredible stories of cheer coming in the form of a single bouquet. Kristy recently ordered Snoopy’s Cookie Jar by Teleflora and found that it was the perfect, simple way to send a big bunch of festivity.

chocolate dipped cookies

“One thing that I love to do is send festive flowers during the holiday months. Do you?  I always find for those out of state guests, flowers are the perfect way to say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, plus send love and cheer during the holiday season.”

Snoopy’s Cookie Jar does even more than offering up wishes for a happy holiday season. He holds cookies! This sweet, bright red doghouse has plenty of room inside for a plethora of treats. Snoopy himself is propped up on top, patiently keeping guard over your decadent dessert selection.

Kristy decided that the best way to get her kids hands-on in the holiday cheer was to have them dip cookies in chocolate and add a bunch of sprinkles for a festive feel. She then paired this thoughtful creation with a Teleflora Christmas bouquet to really take things up a notch. Kristy now times her homemade cookie shipments to correspond with the arrival date of her bouquet. She plans for them to show up a little bit after the Teleflora bouquet delivery, so recipients have time to enjoy their flowers and then make use of the vase as a treat holder when they’re done with the floral component.

It’s one little added touch that can bring families closer together, even when they’re miles away. Invoking holiday cheer doesn’t need to involve plane tickets or lots of decorations – just a bit of thought to show your loved ones you care!

Check out Kristy’s website to see more details about how she pulls off a holiday full of cheer.


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