If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Charlie Brown fan, we’ve got just the thing! Our blogger friend Jess has never been much of a flower gifter, wanting to send presents that last a long time and speak personally to the recipient’s interests. With our new Snoopy’s Cookie Jar, you can accomplish both! It serves up tons of flowery PEANUTS charm to bring a smile to your loved one’s face, and also functions as a cookie jar for years and years after the flower blooms are gone.Snoopy Cookie Jar by teleflora

Teleflora’s adorable bouquets come in more than just vases,” Jess explained. “I’m talking cookie jars, mugs, and more. They sent me this amazing Snoopy’s Cookie Jar bouquet to check out, and it’s just fabulous!”

What’s even more fabulous is the way Jess repurposed the cookie jar, filling it with some droolworthy “everything” snack mix….which is literally everything that you could possibly want in a bowl. Cheese crackers, jelly beans, mini marshmallows, pretzels. The white chocolate candy and festive sprinkles look delightful against the festive backdrop of Snoopy’s doghouse.

Seriously. How cute is this?” she exclaimed. “Not only is the arrangement gorgeous, but it’s in a Peanuts themed cookie jar. Do they know the way to my heart, or what? I just love versatile gifts.


What a wonderful way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas! How is your family celebrating? Head on over to A Million Moments to check out Jess’ “Everything Snack Mix” recipe so you can fill your own cookie jar at home while watching the movie with your kids. And when you’re done chowing down, leave the cookie jar up on a mantle as the perfect little holiday decoration. It adds just the right amount of nostalgic charm!

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