Having a child graduate from high school or college can be a bittersweet time for a parent as both signify the fact that a child is growing up. Although it can be sad to let go of your children, graduations are also a time to celebrate how hard your kid and you have worked to help get him or her to this point. And what better way to honor this achievement than with a fabulous party?

A great idea for a theme to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next one is to host a "last chance to be a kid" bash. This idea is an awesome way for high school or college graduates to truly have one last hurrah before starting their new endeavors. To achieve this theme, purchase party favors kids love, including water guns, a pinata and even bobbing for apples to allow the high school graduates to be kids for one last time. Make sure to have festive foods as well such as hamburgers and hot dogs or even pizza and chicken fingers.

Although the event may aim to evoke a few more childhood memories, there are certain aspects that will need a grown-up touch, including fabulous centerpieces. Graduation flowers like Teleflora's Confetti Present are sure to spruce up your table while still infusing fun into the event. This arrangement of hot pink gerberas and roses along with green button spray chrysanthemums and deep purple carnations comes in a festive keepsake gift box with colorful tissue paper and streamers.