Ooh la la! Check out these gorgeous living flower illustrations by fashion illustrator and designer, Meredith Wing. We are obsessed with these gorgeous illustrations known as “#SomeFlowerGirls”. Meredith describes her work on Pinterest as “original artwork using flower petals, feathers, fruit and anything else I can get my hands on.”

Meredith Wing has been creating whimsical portraits of fashionable ladies using fresh flowers in her multi media creations. Her work has been commissioned by couture houses, beverage companies, fashion magazines, Parisian publishers, and other luxury brands.

View more of these gorgeous creations on her website at MeredithWing.com and also be sure to follow Meredith and her work via Instagram: @moomooi and follow her SomeFlowerGirls Pinterest board.

Meredith Wing Illustration "Paris Oui"
Comin' Up Roses by Meredith Wing Design, LLC
Marchesa SS16 by Meredith Wing Design, LLC.
Photo ofMeredith WIng
Meredith WIng
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Meredith Wing Design, LLC