September Spotlight: Flowers in Season

Fall is just around the corner, and while you may typically set your sights on mums this month, you'll be surprised to know there are several other types of flowers that are in season.

Teleflora's Autumn Romance Bouquet $49.95
Teleflora's Autumn Romance Bouquet $49.95

Whether you're planning your wedding, picking out a beautiful bouquet to give to a loved one or just want an eye-catching bloom to add to your mantle, there's plenty available in autumn. There are a kaleidoscope of colors in the fall, and if you're planning a wedding then you'll definitely want to incorporate a pop of foliage into your theme. September, October and November bring bright flowers and there are several different kinds of combinations you can use to create your wedding bouquet.

Teleflora's Harvest Splendor Bouquet $49.95
Teleflora's Harvest Splendor Bouquet $49.95

Flowers blooming in September

Check out this list of flowers that are blooming in September: Aster: These flowers are available in white and pink during the fall months. The beautiful daisy-like flowers are a major attraction for butterflies as they supply a great source of nectar during the creatures' peak migration season. Hydrangeas: The best colors of hydrangeas that bloom in September include red, burgundy, yellow and orange. The large leaves are shaped like those you'd find on an oak tree and the brilliant autumn colors are great for getting in the fall spirit. Daisies: Also known as gerbera, daisies are most known for their snow-white color. However, they also come in several other colors and varieties. Single and double petal daisies are a great combination for a bouquet. Kangaroo Paw: This unique flower is native to Australia and is brightly-colored. It boasts vivid colors and velvety flowers. These blooms produce no fragrance but do attract birds because of their pollen deposits. Slipper orchid: To really set the mood for fall, choose the slipper orchid. The petals come in a brownish red, yellow and green. Roses: There's never a bad time to give someone roses. Whether you're using it in a bouquet or using them as a centerpiece, roses come in a variety of colors that range from pink to chocolate. Go with fall-like colors to accommodate the season such as burnt orange, chocolate brown, apricot, deep yellow, red-orange or coral-orange. Sunflower: The picturesque autumn bloom is the sunflower. The double yellow petals are the perfect color to help you transition from summer to fall. For more flower inspiration, check out these other fall blooms:
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  • Zinnia
  • Daffodil
  • Iris
  • Lillium stargazer
  • Orchid Cymbidium
  • Snap Dragon

Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are big, beautiful flowers, bursting with small, lacy florets that create a large and fragrant floral ball. They can be grown in different colors, like crispy white, green, blush pink, baby blue, purple or a lovely lavender. You can incorporate these stunning blooms into the decor for any event you have planned, and here are a few unique ways to do that:

Tasteful tablescapes

Whether you are designing the decorations for an elegant garden party or a grand wedding feast, make sure you don't forget these blooming beauties. Set up your tablescape with delicate lanterns in any color that matches your theme, surrounded by a ring of hydrangeas. Pick complimentary linens, flatware, dishes and glassware, and you will create a stunning display with a soft glow that emanates from the lanterns down the center of the table.

Modern floral statement

Mix luscious hydrangeas with other exotic-looking blooms for an ultra-modern look that will impress everyone! Opt for colored blossoms like . You can arrange these in a traditional glass or ceramic vase, or try a rectangular bamboo box for a more updated feel.

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blue hydrangea

Accented with fruit

Create colorful and fun centerpieces for any event, even if it's just Tuesday dinner on the patio! Fill a glass vase with whole lemons or limes (you can slice them too!) and stalks of plump hydrangeas. The white of the flowers will be a perfect contrast to the vibrant fruit colors, and the entire creation will make for a fresh and summery focal point.

Rustic wall art

For a truly unique way to decorate your deck or patio space, make a display yourself with a few mason jars, some twine and multicolored hydrangea blooms. Pick a few purple, pink and white ones to rest in the jars, and then string them up so they hang vertically down the walls of your deck. You have just created a piece of living art that is as creative as it is beautiful!

Customize your floral creation

Hydrangeas can also be dyed to match the colors of your decor. Simply fill a vase with water and a pint of lemon-lime soda. Add a teaspoon of bleach and some drops of food coloring to the water in any hue you like. More food coloring creates a deeper color. Cut the stem of a white hydrangea at an angle and set the flower in the vase. It will draw the water up through the stem and as the food coloring seeps into the petals they will change color.

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Pink Hydrangea Plant

Learn more about the Symbolism & Meaning of Hydrangeas.

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Music Festival Season – Nail the Gypsy Look

Music Festival Season - Nail the Gypsy Look

Summer is coming, and with it outdoor music festivals that beg you to kick off your shoes, dance in the grass and adorn your hair with a gypsy flower crown. For a guide to help you figure out the best blooms for your song-filled summer nights, check out the list below:

Daisy chain

Go for simple elegance when you select daisies to tuck behind your ear or weave into a delicate crown. You can find these beautiful blooms in snowy white or sunny yellow tones that will brighten your whole look and give you a fresh-as-a-daisy feel! Let Teleflora's cheerful Upsy Daisy bouquet inspire you.

Lovely lily

Lilies pack a punch when you incorporate them into a hairstyle. Choose one or two lily flowers to pin in a carefree bun for the most staying power, because these flowers are big enough to impress everyone! Whether you want a subtle feminine color like pink or white, or a bold and bright blossom in orange or yellow, a lily in your hair will surely get you noticed! Check out the beautiful collection of lilies from Teleflora, like the bright and bold Sunsplash arrangement or the delicate and feminine Isle of White bouquet, for more ideas.

Pretty as a rose

Create a timeless look for your next outdoor festival by opting for delicate spray roses in your hair. Teleflora's Rose Rapture bouquet is the perfect example of the beauty of the classic rose, mixing traditional roses with smaller sprays to create depth and dimension. Create your own look by making a headband decorated with roses, or entwine them together to make a stunning and scented garland.

Pick a peony

Peonies have been a favorite of brides for years, so why not imitate that look yourself with a big, bold peony bud behind one ear? You'll look exotic and smell great too! Teleflora's Pretty in Peony shows you how to mix a delicate pink peony with the crisp white of a lacy hydrangea to create a bouquet that is as beautiful as you are!

DIY peony headband>p>

Create with carnations

Carnations are versatile flowers that are light enough to stay in your carefully arranged coiffeur, but deliver a pop of color in different tones, from red and pink to white and green! Let Teleflora's collection of carnation bouquets like the Make Her Day arrangement demonstrate how creative you can be with this classic bud.

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Best Spring Floral Arrangements

Best Spring Floral Arrangements

Spring is a time of rebirth, new life and warm breezes. Shake off the cold of winter and celebrate the change of the seasons with a beautiful spring floral arrangement. You can capture the beauty of this time of year with some springtime blossoms. If you need some inspiration for a gorgeous design, here are a few ideas:

Check out this chick

What says spring more than the sight of a soft yellow newborn chick? Invite some of that charm into your home with help from Teleflora! The My Little Chickadee bouquet will bring a smile to everyone's face with an adorable ceramic chick peeking out from behind an overflowing display of pure white daisies, cheery yellow roses and delicate green button spray chrysanthemums. You can even reuse the vase all year long!

Basket of spring blooms

Transport yourself to a lush meadow filled with native blooms without even leaving your home. Teleflora's Country Basket Blooms is a bushel of beautiful pink snapdragons, alstroemeria, purple mini carnations and matsumoto asters that are arranged for you in a natural basket adorned with decorative butterflies floating above. This bouquet symbolizes all that is spring!

Pretty polka dots

For a pretty, modern display of pink blooms, Teleflora has just the thing. The Polka Dots and Posies arrangement arrives in a light pink square vase, and is tied with a bold pink dotted bow. Fresh white daisies and fuchsia roses vie for your attention and are the perfect accent to light up any room!

Traditional tulips

Tulips are the classic symbol of springtime, so opt for Teleflora's simply beautiful display of Sunny Yellow Tulips in a sculpted glass vase. A delightful yellow ribbon ties the whole presentation with a bow making this an elegant addition to your decor.


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The True Story of Luck behind the four leaf clover

The True Story of Luck Behind the Four Leaf Clover

Though much of the country may be reeling from the considerably cold weather that defined this past winter, March brings with it the spring season and the perfect opportunity for everyone to chase away their seasonal woes and have some festive fun: St. Patrick's Day. Yet while most people know to wear green on the vaunted holiday, they may not be aware of the significance the jade shade has on this lively event.

The luck of the Irish

One of the cornerstone decorations of the holiday is the four-leaf clover. This small plant, a member of the leguminous pea family, is a unique variation of the more common three-leaf clover, or shamrock. In traditional Irish culture, the shamrock was said to represent the holy trinity, with the fourth leaf on these festive variants said to represent good luck. Modern interpretations may claim the other three leaves represent the virtues of faith, hope and love, yet that fourth petal remains a true symbol of luck to anyone fortunate enough to find it.

A festive shade of green

Though white clovers are certainly beautiful, St. Patrick's Day belongs to the color green. This shade is said to symbolize fertility, life and natural beauty - something we can all appreciate every day of the year. The connections between this holiday and the color green are varied, with some equating the connection to the famously green hills of the Irish countryside and others connecting it with religious symbolism.

Get that emerald hue

While there's no denying that clovers are the definitive plant of St. Patrick's Day, that doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to make this year's event festive and floral. Green carnations can make for excellent decorations throughout an area, or even as accessories for your verdant ensemble. Similarly, a green rose will tell that special someone that you're looking forward to your future together, as these blooms are said to represent hope and optimism. Green chrysanthemums, hellebores and daylilies can also make for an elegant arrangement.

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