The 5 Easiest Gifts for Her

The 5 Easiest Gifts for Her

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary or just a regular Thursday night, you can show her how much you care without breaking the bank. The best rule of thumb for gift-giving is to choose something that speaks to her and comes from the heart. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the five ideas below:

1. Flowers: a timeless gift

Flowers can instantly brighten a room and bring a smile to her face. If you know her favorite flower or color, choose a beautiful bouquet that will bring her cheer
?s=t&srccode=SC_NB every time she looks at it. If she has classic style, opt for an arrangement of roses tied with a bow. You can also offer her something bolder, like a beautiful bouquet of lilies that symbolize her energy and vibrancy. You can always surprise her with something totally new and fresh that speaks to her adventurous spirit with a display of bright gerberas, roses and lilies that are beautiful and feminine, like her.

bouquet of red rosesA Little Pink Me Up Bouquet

2. Photos: a personal touch

Photos are always a great gift idea because you can present them so many different ways. Find a photo of the two of you and insert it into a special frame, or have it printed onto virtually anything, from a thermos for her coffee to a case to protect her smart phone. Every time she looks at the gift, she will think of you and your special gesture. You can even find a series of pictures – of a vacation you took or a few of her favorite places – and have coasters created for her coffee table.

3. Adventure: try something new

Has she been dying to try skydiving, wine tasting or a paint class? Why not give her the gift of an experience she won’t forget? If you want to leave scheduling up to her, offer her an IOU for the activity, and if you’re feeling adventurous too, join her! You two can enjoy a great bonding experience, and surely get a few great pictures to remember the day!

4. Pampering: a thoughtful gesture

Who could pass up a day of pampering? She won’t be able to resist a massage, manicure or pedicure. Show how much you appreciate all she does by offering her a day to get off her feet and enjoy all the attention focused on her. You can even suggest driving her to and from the salon so she can really feel like a queen for the day.

5. Quality time: always in style

The best and easiest gift you can offer her is the gift of your time. Let her choose the date or activity and then just spend some time enjoying the pleasure of being around each other. Take a walk together, grab a coffee or cook a meal as a team. No matter how you spend your time, she’ll appreciate the gesture.

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Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

Make it Interesting with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are big, beautiful flowers, bursting with small, lacy florets that create a large and fragrant floral ball. They can be grown in different colors, like crispy white, green, blush pink, baby blue, purple or a lovely lavender. You can incorporate these stunning blooms into the decor for any event you have planned, and here are a few unique ways to do that:

Tasteful tablescapes

Whether you are designing the decorations for an elegant garden party or a grand wedding feast, make sure you don’t forget these blooming beauties. Set up your tablescape with delicate lanterns in any color that matches your theme, surrounded by a ring of hydrangeas. Pick complimentary linens, flatware, dishes and glassware, and you will create a stunning display with a soft glow that emanates from the lanterns down the center of the table.

Modern floral statement

Mix luscious hydrangeas with other exotic-looking blooms for an ultra-modern look that will impress everyone! Opt for colored blossoms like . You can arrange these in a traditional glass or ceramic vase, or try a rectangular bamboo box for a more updated feel.

Shop for Ticket to Paradise Bouquet
Ticket to Paradise Bouquet

blue hydrangea

Accented with fruit

Create colorful and fun centerpieces for any event, even if it’s just Tuesday dinner on the patio! Fill a glass vase with whole lemons or limes (you can slice them too!) and stalks of plump hydrangeas. The white of the flowers will be a perfect contrast to the vibrant fruit colors, and the entire creation will make for a fresh and summery focal point.

Rustic wall art

For a truly unique way to decorate your deck or patio space, make a display yourself with a few mason jars, some twine and multicolored hydrangea blooms. Pick a few purple, pink and white ones to rest in the jars, and then string them up so they hang vertically down the walls of your deck. You have just created a piece of living art that is as creative as it is beautiful!

Customize your floral creation

Hydrangeas can also be dyed to match the colors of your decor. Simply fill a vase with water and a pint of lemon-lime soda. Add a teaspoon of bleach and some drops of food coloring to the water in any hue you like. More food coloring creates a deeper color. Cut the stem of a white hydrangea at an angle and set the flower in the vase. It will draw the water up through the stem and as the food coloring seeps into the petals they will change color.

Shop for Hydrangeas
Pink Hydrangea Plant

Learn more about the Symbolism & Meaning of Hydrangeas.

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Putting on the Luxe! Add Class to Your Outdoor Celebration!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you’ll be able to plan your first outdoor fete of the season. But, while warm weather means shorter sleeves and longer days, it also means you need to pay close attention to your outdoor decor so nothing wilts in the heat. For a simple guide to help you decide how to decorate, take a look at the inspirations below:

The best flowers for a spring or summer party are full of color! Create a display of sunflowers, red roses, dainty purple blooms and green leaves for a vibrant bouquet. Cactus Dahlias are great for warm weather too. They’ll stand up to the heat, and their unusual spiky appearance and bright colors will add drama to any table.

If you want to go another route, try potted plants like ferns on your table. You won’t have to worry about the heat affecting your blooms, and potted plants are a unique touch. You can also opt for some succulents, which don’t require much maintenance but still provide a beautiful look for your decor.

Daffodils are another great choice because they are used to warmer climates, are bursting with color and can really make an impact at the center of your party.

Embrace the season and decorate your tables with summery centerpieces! One creative option is to include oranges, lemons and limes in your display. Arrange an armful of white lilies, roses and hydrangeas in a vase for a pale backdrop, and then add your vibrant fruits. You can place a few inside the vase for an unexpected splash of color, or add some around your flowers on the table. Don’t forget a few punches of green for a natural look, and you’re sure to create a wonderful-smelling centerpiece!

Another option for a more rustic look is to gather some old or antique watering cans and repurpose them into vases for some bright tulips! They’ll look like you just picked them from the garden if you allow the tulips to rest lazily in their new vase. Tulips also grow in colors like pink, white and purple. Blend them into the rest of your decor or let them stand out against a neutral backdrop. 

Food and drinks
Hosting a spring or summer party means enjoying the weather with refreshing drinks and dishes. Take your cue from the seasons and include fruits and vegetables in every dish. You can prepare summery  salads made with ingredients like pickled cucumber or tomato and avocado. Picnic sandwiches are a great entree option if you don’t want to worry about bringing utensils outside. Try a turkey caprese sandwich with fresh tomatoes and basil. Picnic foods are great for events like these because you can make them in advance and they travel with ease.

Offer your family and guests refreshing glasses of water with fruit or vegetable-infused ice cubes! They’re sure to keep their cool no matter what the temperature. Cucumber puree, orange-lime and lemon-raspberry are just three options.

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5 Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Floral Ideas

No one deserves a special day more than mom. Show her how much you care and appreciate all she does with a thoughtful gift that speaks to her. You have a lot to choose from, but one gift idea that never goes out of style is a beautiful bouquet. For some inspiration on what to get her, check out the list below:

1. The hostess
The hostess mom loves to entertain and makes it all look easy! Present her with something she can place in the center of her beautifully arranged table. Teleflora’s Bejeweled Beauty bouquet is the perfect choice in a modern violet glass cube that will beautifully accent any dinner party. Hot pink roses nestle next to dark red spray roses, purple carnations and pink miniature carnations. Accents of assorted greens create a display that will be the talk of the party.

2. The busy mom
The busy mom is always on the go, making sure everything is taken care of, including you. Give her a beautiful bouquet that arrives in its own gorgeous vase so she doesn’t have to run around looking for something to match the colorful blooms. The Butterfly Serenity arrangement features a painted mug she can use once the flowers have faded. Decorated with lavender butterflies against a sunny yellow background, this mug holds a mix of purple roses, lavender alstroemeria and cushion spray chrysanthemums with yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums. Fresh greens including bupleurum, pitta negra and lemon leaf add to the mix.

3. The fashionista
The fashionista mom looks her best no matter what she’s doing. Celebrate her sense of style with a stunning bouquet from Teleflora. Choose something that is as unique as she is. The Imagination Blooms with Cymbidium Orchids will take her breath away! This creative arrangement is unlike any other with pink asiatic lilies reaching toward the sky next to pink roses and cymbidium orchids. The collection is presented with variegated ti leaves, bear grass and curly willow in a modern, square black dish.

4. The light of your life
The light of your life brightens a room whenever she enters and can always make everyone smile. Show her how much she means to you with a sunny and cheerful arrangement like the My Little Chickadee bouquet, which arrives with a cute little chick bearing blooms. Crisp white daisies, sunny yellow roses and green button spray chrysanthemums mix together in a ceramic vase that can be used again and again, and will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

5. The all-natural mom
The all-natural mom makes a point to care about you and the environment. Use her personality as inspiration when you’re choosing her floral gift. Opt for something like Teleflora’s Spring Has Sprung basket, which looks like she just returned from a walk in the garden with an armful of blossoms. African violets sit next to yellow begonias, hot pink kalanchoe and white hypoestes adding a natural and beautiful element to any room.

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