If you have an eco-conscious friend that’s going to be married soon, do your part to throw her a green wedding shower. Not only will the bride appreciate the extra effort on, but you’ll be doing your part in helping preserve the environment. Here are four ways to go green for an eco-friendly wedding shower:

1. Invitations
The first step in throwing a bridal shower is to invite the guests. You can go green right off the bat. Sending electronic invitations is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that, because there will be no material to throw away. If, however, you’re determined to send out hard copies of invitations, make them from recyclable or earth-friendly materials. If you want to decorate the invitations, think about adding flower petals or dried leaves.

2. Food
No bridal shower is complete without tasty snacks for guests. When thinking about what kinds of foods to offer, try your best to aim for organic and non-GMO foods. If you want to take it a step further, buy the food items from a farmer’s market or locally owned grocer. You’re probably not the only girlfriend who cares about the bride-to-be, so gather the girls and make a day of it. You’re likely to find all the produce you need, plus it’s an excuse for a girls’ day out!

3. Utensils
You’re going to need plates and utensils to eat all the delicious food you picked out. It can be tempting to use plastic plates and silverware, but don’t give in. Although it will require a little more cleanup to use non-disposable stuff, you’ll be doing your part to save the environment. Additionally, don’t offer guests paper napkins! Use real linens. Cleaning them is easy – just throw them in your next load of laundry. Decorate the party tables with potted plants that the bride-to-be can plant in her garden or the guests can take home.

Pretty, hot pink roses are planted in a classic ceramic planter.

Rose Repose: hot pink roses are planted in a classic ceramic planter.

4. Party favors
It’s always nice to give your guest a little party favor to remember the fun event. Consider giving guests small, potted plants or gourmet, cruelty-free chocolates. Neither damage the environment when they’re made, which the green bride is sure to appreciate. If you want to give out something handmade, try making your own potpourri. Throw things like flower petals, dried leaves and berries, essential oils and orange peels in an organic bag. To make your own organic holder, attach two pieces of organic fabric to one another. A soy candle is another easy, environmentally-friendly party favor. They produce almost no soot and actually last longer than wax candles.

Violet plants in a wicker basket

Sweet Violet TrioL three violet plants in a wicker basket