The night you propose is one of the biggest nights of your life, perhaps second only to your wedding – so make sure to do it right! Flowers always add an element of romance and sweetness. There are a number of ways to incorporate flowers to spice up your big moment.

Raining Rose Petals

Just like the soothing image of calmly falling snow, raining rose petals makes for a surreal proposal experience. You can have the flowers pouring from a balcony, rooftop or bridge, while you drop to one knee. The flurry of red is truly mesmerizing, only enhanced by roses’ natural symbol of beauty and love.

 Have Strangers Hand Flowers to Her

Walking down the street, strangers can pass out roses, tulips or other sweet flowers to your lover. If you’re aiming for an element of surprise, this is a great way to do it. Pick a place that means a lot to you both, or somewhere that has scenic views. Then when you are there, tell her how much you love her and organize a few friendly, random participants – this could be waiters, tour guides or simply passerby – to give her flowers.

Planted Flowers in the Shape of “Marry Me”

Even for the intense gardeners, planting flowers that spell out “Marry Me” is an impressive sight. You can do this in a hidden area in the backyard or along a quiet park. When the time is right, have her come on a walk with you, leading her to the destination. When you come across the flower bed, drop to one knee beside it. Wouldn’t that make for a romantic question? The answer is yes!

Teleflora's Kiss of the Rose bouquet

Teleflora’s Kiss of the Rose bouquet

Teleflora's Sweet Surrender Bouquet of tulips

Teleflora’s Sweet Surrender Bouquet of tulips