Whether you’re celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah yourself or want to give a gift to someone for the Jewish holiday this year, sending flowers can be a good way to do it. Floral arrangements can be excellent ways to commemorate the Festival of Lights, in addition to more traditional methods like a menorah.

Here are three steps you should take when bringing flowers to a Hanukkah celebration:

1. Use Hanukkah colors
Just because it’s not Christmas doesn’t mean that the holiday doesn’t have colors associated with it. Traditionally, the colors of Hanukkah are blue and white. This makes sense, given that the Israeli flag is made up of the two colors. More traditionally, the color blue represents the sky, faith, wisdom and truth while white exists as a representation of purity, peace and light. Do your best to feature these colors when adding decorations around your house. It can be a strategy as simple as using a blue ribbon around a bouquet or wrapping an arrangement in white paper, but utilizing the correct color scheme can go a long way in successfully representing the holiday of Hanukkah.

2. Pick the right flowers
To maintain the Hanukkah spirit, do your best to pick out flowers that stick to the color theme of the holiday. Lilies are perhaps the best way to pay ode to the virtue surrounding the important holiday of Hanukkah. Traditionally, these flowers are the ones most closely associated with the holiday and would make for a beautiful centerpiece around this time of the year. As far as the blue colors go, try looking at hydrangeas and delphinium, for starters. Teleflora’s “Beautiful in Blue” and “Sapphire Skies” bouquets are excellent places to start your search for the perfect floral arrangement for Hanukkah.

Beautiful in Blue bouquet of lilies, daisies and hydrangeas

Beautiful in Blue Bouquet

3. Choose a delivery strategy
The Hanukkah celebration lasts for eight days, so you have a couple of options here. You can send a new floral arrangement each day of the celebration, for starters. It can be fun to send different types of flowers for each day in the Festival of Lights. Instead of sending several bouquets, you could send one. Just try to pick flowers that will last all eight days of the celebration. Make sure you follow the instructions for care of the flowers, too, so you can enjoy your new bouquet for as long as possible.

Teleflora's Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet

Ocean Devotion blue and white bouquet

Ocean Devotion Bouquet

Written in the Stars by Teleflora bouquet of lilies

Written in the Stars by Teleflora