National Teacher Day is an annual celebration of the educators who make such a huge difference in the lives of children across the country. Each year in the U.S., National Teacher Day falls on the Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, the commemorative day is on May 5, but the celebrations can last all week long. Here are a few ways your kids can express gratitude to their teachers on National Teacher Day, for the rest of the week and any other time they want to say thank you:

Say Thank You With a Card

One of the best and most simple ways for children to show appreciation for their teachers is with a handwritten and handmade card. While older students can handle this themselves, if your children are younger, help them craft a card using construction paper, markers and paint. Then assist them in writing a message to their teacher on the inside. Something as simple as, “I like my teacher because…” is an effective way to show teachers how they make a difference.

Bring a Bouquet

Bouquets are a tried-and-true way to say thank you, and are a gift that everyone loves to receive. Gather other students and parents and pick out a flower arrangement to give to the teacher. Find one full of vibrant spring flowers, or opt for a plant that will last much longer. You can even have all of the students pitch in to decorate a vase or pot – any teacher will love that personalized touch. Since hydrangeas represent heartfelt gratitude, Teleflora’s Happy Hydrangea is the perfect gift to give to teachers.

pink flowering hydrangea plantBlue flowering hydrangea plant

Offer to Help

Spring is one of the busiest times for teachers, so another practical way students can show appreciation is to offer their assistance in any way. Whether that means staying after school to take down decorations or clean up, or helping out in class in some way, teachers will love the thoughtful gesture.

Give a Gift Card

As any educator knows, teachers pay a lot of their own money to buy school supplies and other necessities for their students. So, students can give their teachers gift cards to help relieve some of that burden. Gift cards to office or school supply stores are a good bet, as are cards to stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Or, give a Visa gift card that can be used for anything, whether it’s school-related or personal!

Make a Present

Homemade presents are another personal way to say thank you, so help your students think of something nice they can make for their teachers. If you want, gather the whole class to make something together, such as a tote bag that’s decorated by each student with puff paint, or a coffee mug that everyone signs with permanent marker.

Send a Subscription

Educators love getting magazine subscriptions for the classroom, since many magazines can provide interesting current events and articles that teachers and students can discuss together. Have children send teachers subscriptions to magazines like National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Discover, Scientific American or anything else that’s interesting and educational.

Be Personal

One of the top ways to show appreciation for anyone, including teachers, is to give them something personal that you know they’ll love. Have your kids brainstorm different things they know their teacher likes, whether it’s a type of snack or candy, a genre of music, a book, a flower or something else. Put together a small gift basket with some of these items for a touching gift teachers will enjoy greatly.