If you have kids, odds are you have participated in a class birthday extravaganza. You’ve undoubtedly been to more children’s parties than you can count, and probably have a closet with a few “just in case’ kid gifts for those times when you forgot that little Johnny’s party is today instead of nextSaturday. But when is the last time you celebrated a teacher’s birthday?

We worked with Danielle from Simmworks Family Blog to come up with a few ways to express gratitude and appreciation for all that teachers do. “We love teachers. And love showing them our appreciation of them. So this year, during the first week back, we decided to shower them with a few gifts,” she says.

Danielle’s idea started simply enough, wanting to show that the class cares for their teachers. She helped put together a display in the lounge including some extra school supplies that they could take as needed, as well as a movie night package for each teacher. The final gift component was a Fun ‘n Festive Bouquet from Teleflora to cheerily celebrate the class spirit.

“I don’t know about you but receiving a flower delivery just brings a huge smile to my face. It makes me feel good. And always brightens up the house or office,” Danielle explained. “So one of my favorite things to give when it comes to a gift giving occasion like a birthday, celebration, anniversary, etc. are flowers.”

See the steps involved in bringing Danielle’s gift together over at Simmworks Family Blog. And next time you’re looking to celebrate a teacher, whether it’s for their birthday or a special holiday, consider a Teleflora bouquet for a teacher to brighten their day!

Teleflora's Fun 'n Festive Bouquet

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