The signs recently changed and the controlling, passionate, spirited and hard working Scorpios are now in charge of the zodiac. If your loved one is a Scorpio and you are wondering what to get her, there are a few places to start. reports Scorpios tend to be dark and mysterious and their gifts should reflect these features of their personalities. Gifting a loved one with a set of thriller or crime novels is sure to impress as these type of books tend to be right up Scorpios' allies.

Aside from being mysterious, Scorpios also love to stand out from the crowd. A birthday is a great chance to spice up your loved one's wardrobe by getting her a gorgeous new jacket or a unique pair of boots she's sure to be impressed by. If you're a bit nervous about trying to pick out clothes for your love, you could go the safer route and give her a gift certificate to her favorite store, but make it more special by wrapping it in a funky or unique scarf instead of a gift bag.

Surprising a Scorpio can be a challenge, but you may be able to pull one over her eyes by sending birthday flowers to her office. An arrangement like Make Her Day Bouquet by Teleflora is sure to impress. This arrangement of green miniature hydrangea, light pink spray roses and green button spray chrysanthemums is beautiful and charming, just like the love of your life.

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Make Her Day Bouquet