Libra's rein is coming to an end and beginning October 24, it's time to start letting the Scorpios in your life shine. reports Scorpios are quite hard-headed and know what they want and how to get it. These individuals are determined and passionate as well as exciting and intuitive, though they can also experience jealousy and may be a bit more secretive than people of other signs.

Since Scorpios are so dynamic and deep, it may be hard to try and figure out what your significant other may want as a gift. Since these people tend to be quite emotional and sentimental, it may be a nice gesture to surprise a loved one with a romantic dinner or tickets to see his or her favorite band. Not only will these gifts be special, but you'll get to spend some one-on-one time with your love.

Pulling a fast one on a Scorpio might be hard, especially since they are so focused and sometimes obsessive with work or other commitments, but you may be able to surprise your significant other by sending birthday flowers to her work. An arrangement like Make her Day by Teleflora is sure to impress the Scorpio in your life. This collection of green miniature hydrangea and light pink spray roses comes in a gorgeous citrus green glass cube that the recipient can reuse after these flowers finish blooming.